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Shakira has MAS Appeal! Stunning shots from MSG!

22 September
shakira concert at madison square garden, shakira fashion

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If anyone deserves the fame and fortune she has, it’s Shakira!

She can dance and sing with the best of them, and her concerts look like openers during Fashion Week!

Take a look at these stunning photos from her last show at MSG in NYC.


Happy 29th Birthday, Nicole Richie!

21 September
Nicole Richie turns 29, Nicole Richie, Nicole Richie fashion week pics


We hope the birthday girl is having as much fun today as she was during Fashion’s Night Out at Bergdorf’s last week!

We can’t believe how much Nicole’s improved over the past decade. From anorexic-rehab wreck to a first-class fashionista-mother-of-two-bride-to-be! And they say people can’t change…

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Considering most of us thought she’d barely make it to twenty five, we wish her nothing but the best of it all as she wraps up this decade of her life!

Funny how her life seems so much more simple now!

Nicole Richie on The Simple Life, The Simple Life


Katy Perry and Rhianna: MAS Appeal or Trash Appeal?

21 September
Katy Perry and Rhianna at bachelorette party, katy perry plastic surgery, rhianna red hair, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery


Take a look at Katy Perry and Rhianna partying it up in Vegas for Katy’s bachelorette party!

Looks like a great time, but what’s with the fashion? It looks like Katy got attacked by the bedazzler, and Rhianna chose the luscious color of watermelon for her hair on her last trip to the salon :)

MAS Appeal or Trash Appeal?

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“MAS Appeal” Monday! Top Tweets

20 September
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Lady Gaga in the Raw at the 2010 VMA’s!

13 September
lady gaga meat outfit at the vma's


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Lady Gaga is the new “Octomom”! To 8 little moon-men that is!

Along with her VMA’s, Gaga managed seemingly endless wardrobe changes last night, but this look stole the show for the most MAS Appeal.

We first caught a glimpse of Gaga’s fresh-meat look on the cover of  Vogue Hommes Japan, but we loved the revamped raw look she had on last night even more! We’re not sure if that shabu shabu style’s going to make it onto the runways at NYC’s Fashion Week, but the Haus of Gaga never ceases to amaze!

Gaga’s fashion is a cut above! We just want to know are those Filet Mignon Manolo’s?


New York City on 9/11

11 September

9/11 memorial, new york skyline

Don’t forget to take a few moments to remember the victims, heroes, and survivors of 9/11 today. Nine years later, New York City is STILL the greatest city in the world!

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