The common reasons for having umbilicoplasty surgery are:

  1. Too many piercings: Multiple belly button piercings can cause the skin on the top of the belly button to stretch as more and more scar tissue develops from the piercings. The stretch out skin and scar tissue can lead to an unattractive hood of skin over the belly button, which is one of main reasons to have an umbilicoplasty.
  2. Too many pregnancies: Pregnancies stretch the skin of the abdominal wall, and the belly button is no exception. It is very common for the belly button to change shape, or go from an innie to an outie, after pregnancy, and this is also one of the most common reasons to have an umbilicoplasty.
  3. Umbilical hernia: Belly button hernias can be present at birth and go unnoticed until early adulthood, or they can develop after pregnancy. Repairing an umbilical hernia is a separate, and slightly more complicated, procedure from an umbilicoplasty, but it is very common to perform both procedures at the same time to improve the appearance of the belly button.


How long does Umbilicoplasty surgery take?

Dr. Vendemia can perform an umbilicoplasty in about 60 minutes, and is done under local anesthesia in the office setting. If you have an umbilical hernia, the procedure can sometimes take up to 2 hours, and may require a different level of anesthesia.

Is belly button surgery painful?

Surprisingly, no. Umbilicoplasty is not typically a painful procedure. Most patients can go back to work the same day after the procedure, and rarely need any prescription pain pills.

How long does it take to recover from umbilicoplasty?

Belly button surgery is a fairly straightforward procedure with almost no downtime, usually no stitches to take out, and very little discomfort, so you can easily be back to work the next day.

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