Breast lift surgery, clinically known as a mastopexy, is a procedure designed to remove overly stretched, sagging skin from the breast, and to reshape the internal breast tissue to elevate the nipple and produce a perkier, more youthful shape. Sagging of the breast is a natural part of the aging process that can be accelerated by pregnancy, fluctuations in body weight, or by unfavorable genetics for skin elasticity.

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Does a Breast Lift Last Forever?

No, a breast lift doesn’t stop the natural aging process. The effects of gravity will still be active on the breasts after surgery, especially if you don’t wear high quality bras, so even lifted breasts will continue to sag. That being said, most breast lift patients will not feel that they need to have the lift redone for many years, so even though it’s not a permanent solution to breast sagging, it’s still a very successful procedure.

Is a Breast Lift the Only Way to Treat Sagging?

No, there are two alternatives that can provide some “lift” without a lift:

  • Breast Augmentation. A breast augmentation, or having your existing implants replaced with a slightly larger size, can certainly provide some additional lift. This is a great option for women who would like to be perkier and larger since a breast lift alone does not restore lost volume… in fact, a breast lift alone will actually lead to a slight decrease in breast size.
  • Internal Breast Lift. Some women are candidates for an internal breast lift in which the breasts are supported and lifted from the inside. This procedure always necessitates the placement of breast implants at the same time, but does not require any scars beyond the small, well-hidden scars associated with breast augmentation surgery. The main benefit of the internal lift procedure is that it produces significantly less visible scarring than a standard breast lift, but it can only be performed in women with mild to moderate sagging who are also willing to undergo a breast augmentation procedure simultaneously.
  • Breast Implants combined with a Breast Lift (Mastopexy Augmentation). Women who need a significant amount of lift, and a significant amount of volume restored, a mastopexy augmentation procedure may be the best choice. The mastopexy portion of the operation corrects the sagging, and the breast augmentation portion restores the volume and cleavage. Under the hand of an experienced plastic surgeon, these two procedures can work synergistically to produce a result that a breast lift alone cannot match.

What Types of Breast Lifts Are Available?



  • Circle Lift. The circle lift, also called the circumareolar lift, the periareolar lift, or the donut lift, is a great procedure for breasts that have only a minimal amount of sagging. The main advantage of the circle lift is that it only leads to a scar around the outer border of the areola, which is quite inconspicuous once it’s fully healed. The main disadvantage of this technique is that it must be used conservatively. When the circle lift is used to lift the breast more than an inch or so, the scar can become widened over time.
  • Lollipop Lift. The lollipop lift, also called the vertical-scar lift or short-scar lift, is one step above the circle lift. It is meant for moderate amounts of sagging in moderate sized breasts. This technique involves a scar around the areolar border, but adds an additional vertical scar from the areola down to the fold under the breast.
  • Anchor Lift. The anchor lift, also called the Wise-pattern mastopexy, is the best technique for large breasts with a severe amount of sagging. This technique involves the greatest number of scars, but it’s the only technique that will allow for a round, shapely breast when a great deal of lift is needed.
  • LaserBra Lift. The LaserBra Lift is a highly specialized technique that only a few surgeons across the country are qualified to perform. The scar pattern is the same as the anchor lift, but a laser is used to create an internal bra out your own tissue that would otherwise be discarded. Thisinternal bra is sculpted to give you an exceptional shape that may last longer than the other techniques because of the additional internal support. Click here to learn more about the LaserBra.

Will My Breasts be a Different Size after a Breast Lift?

Yes, your breasts will be smaller after a standard breast lift procedure. A certain amount of tissue has to be removed in order to lift the breast and resculpt it into a more youthful shape, so by nature the procedure leads to a smaller size. If you want to be lifted and add volume, you may want to consider a mastopexy augmentation procedure.

Is There Any Way to Do a Breast Lift Without Scars?

No, unfortunately not. Breast sagging results from extra stretched out skin and loose connective tissue on the inside of the breast. In order to lift a saggy breast, the extra skin must be removed, and the loose connective tissue must be tightened internally. There is no way to accomplish these goals without making incisions, and all incisions leave scars. That being said, the vast majority of women who have breast lift surgery are very happy with the results and feel that the scars are a very acceptable tradeoff for shapelier, perkier breasts.

There is a “Scarless” Breast reduction procedure that is commonly advertised as a breast lift, but this can be misleading since the scarless procedure is only about volume reduction, not lifting. The Scarless Breast Reduction will not lead to lifting or tightening of the breast, and in most cases will actually lead to more sagging. The Scarless Breast Reduction is an excellent way to reduce the size and weight of very large breasts without the risk or downtime of a real breast reduction, but it should not be marketed as, or confused with, a breast lift.