The Scarless Breast Reduction, also known as the Liposuction Breast Reduction, is gaining popularity among women who want an alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery that minimizes the amount of visible scarring and downtime after the procedure.

Breast reduction surgery, scarless or not, has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any cosmetic breast procedure, so you can’t necessarily go wrong with either choice as long as you understand the goals and limitations of each.

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Is the Scarless Breast Reduction really scarless?

No, the liposuction breast reduction is not totally scarless. You will have 2-3 very tiny (less than 1/4 inch) incisions in the fold underneath the breast, but those scars are so small, and so inconspicuous, that you won’t notice them once they’re healed. The scars are so small that they are nearly invisible, but the procedure is only “scarless” in comparison to a regular breast reduction where the visible scars are quite prominent.

How is the Scarless Breast Reduction different from a reduction breast reduction?

  • Less Scars: Since the Scarless Breast Reduction is performed using liposuction only, there are only 2-3 tiny scars on each breast that are barely noticeable once they are healed. This is quite different from the normal “anchor” or “lollipop” scar patterns associated with a regular breast reduction.
  • Shorter Recovery Time: Most traditional breast reduction patients will be out of work recovering for about two weeks, and it is not uncommon for all of the incisions to take up to 3-4 weeks to heal completely. In contrast, patients who have the Scarless Breast Reduction are usually able to return to work in 2-3 days, and need far less prescription pain pills than regular breast reduction patients.
  • Less “Lift”: The main disadvantage of the Scarless Breast Reduction is that it does not lift the breast like a standard breast reduction does. The Liposuction Breast Reduction does not remove any excess skin, which is why there is no lift involved, but also why there is almost no scarring.

Am I a good candidate for a Scarless Breast Reduction?

Good candidates for the Scarless Breast Reduction:

  • want smaller, lighter breasts to take the weight off of their neck and shoulders, but can’t afford to take more than a few days off work to have surgery.
  • want smaller, lighter breasts without the visible scarring associated with regular breast reduction surgery.
  • women who have had a traditional breast reduction, but would still like to be smaller.
  • are not concerned about lifting the breasts, but want them to be smaller and lighter.

Does insurance cover the Scarless Breast Reduction?

No, insurance will not cover the Scarless Breast Reduction since it is a cosmetic procedure.

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