My Botox only lasts a few months. Is this normal?

botox_cosmeticThe short answer to this question is yes, it is normal, but only for a small percentage of people.

The vast majority of Botox patients report that their results last about 4 months. A small percentage say that their results last longer than 4 months, some up to 8 or 9 months, while another even smaller percentage say that it only lasts 2 months.

If you happen to fall in the 2-month crowd, keep reading to learn more about this uncommon phenomenon and what you might be able to do to get more time out of each treatment…


Kim Kardashian looked great at her Vegas Birthday Bash

Kim Kardashian birthday pics las vegasIf you ask me, I would say that Kim Kardashian’s 34th birthday bash in Las Vegas this past weekend was a big success…

… not because of her gorgeous white dress… and not because of the huge amount of press the event brought in. It was a success because Kim looked better than she’s looked in several years. It’s no secret that Kim is a fan of plastic surgery, and until now she’s been looking a little over the top, particularly with her Botox, cheeks, and lips. All of those seem to have been brought back under control without taking away from her usual ultra-voluptuous Hollywood look.

Keep reading for a breakdown of which plastic surgery procedures are working for her right now, and what she might be able to do better in the future to keep this look going through the rest of her 30’s and 40’s.


Botox for Migraines: How effective is this treatment?

botox for migraines treatment in new yorkA recent article on offered some excellent advice for those of us who suffer from migraine headaches, but ironically left out one of the simplest and most effective treatments… Botox.

Using Botox to treat migraine headaches remains a dramatically underutilized approach for a variety of reasons. Many people aren’t aware that this is a treatment option, or even if they are they find it difficult to find enough information to make an educated decision about whether or not Botox will work for them. There are also great variations in dosing and technique between different physicians, so it’s often difficult to judge how effective the treatment is.

Botox for migraine therapy is quite popular in our practice, and we’ve had such an excellent success rate with treating even the most severe cases, that we thought it would be beneficial to outline the excellent advice set forth by several migraine researchers across the country in the above referenced article, and to briefly discuss what we feel to be the most effective treatment out there.

Keep reading for more information about what you can do to decrease the frequency and severity of your migraine headaches…