Congratulations to Team Bombshell… Victoria’s “Secret” Weapon

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What would happen if “Team Bombshell” took over the planet?

What if everyone looked this perfect all the time? Plastic surgeons would be out of a job, that’s what!  Congrats the The Team for being a plastic surgeon’s worst nightmare… there’s absolutely nothing to improve.  Well, at least until they get old 🙂

Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel, and Doutzen Kroes. Whatever Victoria’s Secret invested in this gorgeous group, we know it was worth it!

Is Lady Gaga Gonna Be a Playmate?

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According to Glamour Mag, Lady Gaga is going to pose for Playboy!

On one hand, it seems kinda weird because she’s a self-proclaimed celibate, but on the other hand, there’s not a whole lot we haven’t seen already 🙂

Ga Ga, Oooo La La!

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Need Relief From Your Weekend Sunburn? Use the “4 C’s”…

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There was tons of great stuff going on this weekend in NYC!

The Big Apple BBQ Block Party was in full effect in Madison Square Park! And if the endless amounts of sizzled meat weren’t enough to keep your attention, Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon exhibit was incredible!

If you were out there getting sizzled along with the meat under the hot sun, take a peek at for the “4 C’s of Sunburn Relief”.

Nicole Scherzinger is showing off her Perfect Bod on the cover of Maxim Magazine!

Nicole Scherzinger on Maxim cover, Nicole Scherzinger breast implants, Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery

“Lead Pussy Cat” and Dancing With The Stars champion, Nicole Scherzinger, is showing off her incredible body on the cover of Maxim this month!

Nicole’s breast implants look flawless in this picture, so kudos to her plastic surgeon… he did a fantastic job. They are perfectly proportioned to the rest of her body, they’re not too high, and they have as much of a natural slope as they can possible have in someone who’s as thin as Nicole.

Keep Reading to learn more about “natural” looking implants…


Is Megan Fox trying to look like Angelina Jolie?

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Gorgeous Transformers star Megan Fox has been doing a little transforming of her own!

She’s had her cheekbones augmented, and possibly her jaw as well. She’s starting to look a little like her equally stunning action co-star Lady Lara Croft, otherwise known as Angelina Jolie!

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Megan Fox’s Stunning Emporio Armani Billboard Photos!

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Now that Megan Fox is done with the Transformers series, she’ll have plenty of time to focus on her modeling career… which looks like it’s going to be a HUGE success judging by these recent billboard shots for Armani… she’s definitely got “MAS Appeal”!

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  2. Is Megan Fox trying to look like Angelina Jolie?
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Photo Credit: UsWeekly

Ahhh… the beauty of photoshop!

Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kardashian sisters, beach bunny swimwear, celebrity cosmetic surgery, celebrity plastic surgery

Take a peek at this new PHOTO ad for the Kardashian sisters bikini line, Beach Bunny Swimwear. Cute name, and super cute girls… there’s a problem though…

Khloe (far left) is 5’10”. Kourtney (middle) is 5’0″. Hmmm…

Holly Madison had “MAS Appeal” at her holiday pool party!

Holly madison pool party, holly madison plastic surgery, holly madison breast implants, celebrity plastic surgery, celebrity cosmetic surgery, entertainment, beauty

Former ‘Girlfriend’ Holly Madison set off some fireworks of her own this weekend with this red bikini!

The blonde hair, gleaming white teeth, larger than life breast implants, and toned bod appealed to “masses” as they came out in droves to celebrate the 4th with her.

She’s definitely had some work done, but we think she looks great! Her breast implants are a little out of proportion for her slim body, but she’s certainly no Heidi Montag

Victoria Beckham Nude…

Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham for Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque

… her dress we mean!

We can’t blame you for wanting to sneak a peek at Posh. Feast your eyes on this pic from last Thursday’s Range Rover 40th Anniversary event in London.

Victoria is as posh as ever in this stunning nude dress from her own luxurious line. The seductive , subtle shine of her matching Brian Atwood heels flawlessly finishes off the look and lengthen her legs as well.

We wish Victoria lots of luck on her latest endeavor as the creative design director for Range Rover’s Evoque line of hybrid luxury vehicles. We can’t wait to see her contributions when the “Brand Beckham” models come out next summer.

Ryan and Julianne Sittin’ in a Tree…

ryan seacrest girlfriend, ryan seacrest and julianne hough, ryan seacrest plastic surgery, celebrity gossip, celebrity plastic surgery, celebrity cosmetic surgery, entertainment

… or on a Yacht!

We’re so happy to see that Seacrest finally has time to hang out on his Yacht and smooch the beautiful Julianne Hough. Ryan has been working his a** off for the past decade, and has really solidified himself as the go-to guy for the entertainment industry.

Hopefully some time on the boat with Julianne will take a few years off him because all that work he’s been doing has aged him tremendously… he could easily pass for early 40’s even though he’s only 36! Yikes.

Ryan, if some R&R with Julianne doesn’t help you look a little younger, we’ll help you out 🙂

Photo Credit: HuffPo

Happy Birthday Gisele! The Big 3-0

Gisele Bundchen, Victoria's Secret runway shows, Gisele turns 30

We hope that Gisele enjoyed her 30th birthday yesterday, because today, she is officially “in her thirties“!

Gisele Bundchen Brazil Fashion Week, Gisele returns to the runway, how to get in shape after a baby

Unlike so many of us, Gisele hardly has a thing to worry about as she enters her third decade of life:

  • Smoking hot body and naturally, beyond-belief beauty? Check!
  • Married to successful, sexy star athlete?  Check!
  • Mother of a genetically stacked baby boy?  Check!
  • Flourishing multi-million dollar career?  Check, check, check!!!

What is her secret? We think it’s a winning ticket in the gene-pool lottery, a Line-Fighting health and beauty routine, and a LOT of hard work! MAS can’t wait to continue following this Brazilian bombshell, as she continues to rock  magazines, and runways all over the world.

Happy Thirties, Gisele! The best is yet to come!

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