The Top 4 Targets for Micro Lipo

Microliposuction is a specialized liposuction technique designed to treat areas of the face and body that are too small for traditional liposuction. Micro lipo often focuses on tightening the skin, although fat removal is performed in conjunction as needed. Here are four great target areas for micro lipo.

#1. Under the Chin

Microliposuction can be performed under the chin to get rid of the stubborn “turkey neck” fat that blunts the neckline from the front and profile views. The entire procedure can usually be performed through a tiny 2-3mm incision hidden in the natural skin crease under the chin where most people already have a scar from childhood trips and falls. The recovery is quick and easy, and short of wearing a compression strap at nighttime for a few fews, you can be back to work 2-3 days after the procedure.

#2. Jowls

Heavy jowls are excellent candidates for micro-liposuction, but thin jowls usually require some sort of skin-tightening procedure to fix. Thick, heavy jowls most likely have an element of extra fat that can be liposuctioned out using specially designed microliposuction cannulas, and then the fat can also be used to recontour the grooves around the jowls for additional smoothing.

#3. Knees

Excess fat above the knees can be treated with microliposuction, but the main benefit here is the skin tightening that occurs as a result of the collagen-stimulating healing response that is generated after the procedure. Some mild bruising and tenderness is possible for a few days, but overall the procedure and the recovery are relatively straightforward and easy.

#4. Cankles

Excess fat around the ankle can blunt the attractive curves of the lower leg, and microlipo can be a great option in this delicate area. The ankles are a particularly tricky area to sculpt and require a skilled surgical touch, along with very special equipment designed for this type of procedure. Compression stockings are necessary for a few weeks after surgery, but the initial results are visible in just a few days.

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