New Inspira® Breast Implants get FDA Approval for Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Allergan gets FDA approval for new Inspira breast implantsAllergan Medical is introducing a new line of highly-cohesive silicone gel gummy bear breast implants to the market in June of 2015.

The Inspira® implants have been designed to fill a void between the ultra soft feel of the Natrelle implant line and the firmer feel of the teardrop shaped Style 410 line. The fill ratio of the Inspira implants is higher than the standard Natrelle devices but not as form stable as the 410’s, thereby giving the Inspira’s the middle spot in terms of cohesively and firmness.

This is an important product for the market right now because many women find themselves torn between the ultra-natural shape of the teardrop 410 implants and the ultra soft feel of the round Natrelle implants. The Inspira line should fill this gap and give women a choice of gel firmness that is somewhere in between these other two implant lines, and make the decision process a bit easier.

Widely Spaced Nipples and Breast Augmentation

before and after photo 2 months after breast augmentation

Widely spaced nipples and areolas is a common issue with women of all ages, and many of these women wonder if breast augmentation can treat this problem.

The answer is both Yes and No. Breast implants cannot decrease the space between widely spaced nipples, but it can improve the appearance of the breasts and torso so much that this wide space is not so noticeable. The only way to physically decrease the space between the nipples is to perform a breast lift style operation that results in scars all the way around the areolae, which is usually not an attractive option for most women who are interested in breast augmentation where the scars are normally so well hidden.

Keep in mind that widely spaced nipples is a very different issue from widely spaced breasts and/or breast implants. An excessively wide space between breast implants is a very unattractive look, and is very easy to avoid with appropriate implant selection and surgical technique. This is not the same issue as widely spaced nipples though, so try not to confuse these two concepts.

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How can I get more information about Breast Augmentation?

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