One of the most common nose-related issue we help our clients with is a tip that droops while smiling.

A tip that droops or hooks while smiling is most commonly caused by the strong pull of the surrounding muscles between the nose and upper lip against a weak cartilage structure in the tip of the nose, and there are a variety of solutions, both surgical and nonsurgical for this problem. Of the available solutions, Botox is usually the best place to start because it is the easiest and least expensive treatment on the list.

Botox for a droopy tip involves a single injection at the base of the columella (the structure between the nostrils that connects the upper lip to the tip of the nose), and takes less than a minute. Some people choose to arrive for their treatment 30 minutes early to apply a drop of numbing cream to the injection site so that it is completely pain-free, but most people consider the single injection quite easy to tolerate without any numbing whatsoever.

Botox takes about a week to fully relax the targeted muscle, and in most cases it produces a reasonable improvement in the drooping of the tip during smiling, and all with a procedure that costs a fraction of a liquid rhinoplasty or a surgical rhinoplasty, and involves only a single injection.

Botox for a droopy nasal tip is not permanent however, so it will need to be repeated 2-3 times a year to maintain it’s effect, and just to be clear, it only works when the tip droops during smiling. If your tip droops or hooks all the time, even when you’re not smiling, you should consider a Liquid Rhinoplasty or a Surgical Rhinoplasty and schedule a consultation to get Dr. Vendemia’s professional opinion about the best option for your droopy tip.

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