What is The Lapel Lift™ for Men?

The Lapel Lift™ is a male cosmetic procedure that is designed to tighten the neck, enhance the profile, and create a stronger, more defined jawline to keep everything above your shirt collar from hanging down onto the lapels of your finely pressed suit. The following steps of the procedure are performed under twilight anesthesia for maximal safety and comfort, and everything is done through 2-3 micro-incisions behind the ears and/or under the chin that leave almost no visible scars.

  1. Neck liposuction. The first step of the procedure is for the excess fat in the neck to be liposuctioned through one very small (less than 1/8 of an inch) behind each ear. This is done in such a way that the jawline is enhanced at the same time as the heaviness of the neck is lessened.
  2. Fiberoptic Laser Skin Tightening. A fiberoptic laser cannula is passed under the skin to heat the dermis to 40 degrees Celsius to start the collagen building process that gradually tightens the skin for up to 12-14 months after the procedure.
  3. Platysma muscle repair (platysmaplasty). A natural split in the platysma muscle of the neck occurs as in most men while they are in their 30’s, and worsens to the point of being visible as a “turkey neck” later in life. It is sometimes necessary for this muscle to be repaired through a tiny incision under the chin (where most people already have a scar from a childhood fall).
  4. Submental fat pad removal. When the platysma muscle splits, it allows the sub mental fat pad to fall downwards with gravity. When this fat pad is large, it can contribute significantly to a heavy neck appearance and must be removed for an ideal result.
  5. Jawline recontouring with Radiesse. This is one of most important steps for men with weaker bone structure in their jawline. If the bone structure of the jaw isn’t built up properly when it is necessary to do so, no amount of liposuction or skin tightening will enhance the jawline in an optimal way. Radiesse is an injectable product that is placed deep near the bone to sculpt a more prominent and defined jaw and chin that enhances the results of this procedure tremendously.
  6. Infrared Laser Skin Tightening. The final step of this procedure actually happens during the recovery phase in the office starting at the 3-6 month mark. An infrared laser hand piece is used to provide further deep heating to the collagen building layers of the skin, but this time the heating elements passes into the skin from the outside surface instead of from the inside as it was done during the procedure with the fiberoptic cannula. This is not a necessary step for everyone, but it is a nice addition to the recovery process for additional tightening without any additional surgery. Click here to learn more about the MaxIR infrared skin tightening device.

Not all of the above steps are necessary for every man, and sometimes simple liposuction or laser liposuction is all that is necessary to improve the neck contouring and profile, particularly in younger men. Click here or on the image below to read about this man’s experience with neck liposuction and jawline sculpting with Radiesse.

Laser Neck Lift 1a

How is The Lapel Lift™ for Men different than regular neck liposuction for women?

  1. Men have different aesthetic goals. Although both men an women want a tight neck in profile, and a smooth defined jawline, the ideal shapes of those structures differ between a man and a woman. A man’s jaw is stronger, more defined, and more square than a woman’s, but a woman’s neck is often much tighter in profile than a man’s. These subtle aesthetic differences must be considered when performing procedures like this so that the streps outlined above can be tailored appropriately to the desired outcome.
  2. Men have heavier necks than women. Men have heavier, thicker skin, and larger more prominent sub mental fat pads that lead to a thicker turkey neck appearance. Higher levels of laser energy are usually needed during the fiberoptic and infrared skin tightening phases for a man, and it is more common to have to remove the sub mental fat pad for an ideal central neck contour.
  3. Men have less options than women. Neck liposuction alone is usually less effective for men because of their thicker skin and heavier sub mental fat pads, and true surgical neck lifts are harder to do in men than they are in women. A man’s thicker skin and beard make a surgical face or neck lift more difficult, and predispose him to a slightly higher risk of bleeding complications. In addition, it is more difficult to hide the scars of a surgical neck lift in a man because of his short hair (or sometimes no hair at all). This makes The Lapel Lift™ a better option for most men as compared to the increased risk and scarring of a surgical neck lift.

What is recovery time after The Lapel Lift™?

The recovery from a Lapel Lift is actually quite simple for most men. The procedure takes about 2 hours, and you’ll go home the same day with a supportive dressing in place. You will see Dr. Vendemia in the office the following day, and he will remove the dressing for you. You’ll leave the office with a simple cotton/spandex neck strap that will support and sculpt the new neck contour for the next 3-4 weeks. You’ll be expected to wear the strap for the majority of the day and night for as many days after the procedure as you can (realistically, of course), and then every night after you go back to work and stop wearing the strap during the day. Bruising, swelling, and pain are usually minimal to none depending on how many of the above steps were necessary during your procedure, and most patients do fine with only a few pain pills on the first night after the procedure. For most men, the neck will look only a modest amount better until about the 2nd or 3rd week after surgery when the swelling subsides enough to see the result. The neck will continue to tighten for the subsequent 12-14 months after the procedure, sometimes dramatically so.

How can I get more information about The Lapel Lift™?

Feel free to give us a call at 917-703-7069 or send us a message by clicking here to get more information about The Lapel Lift™, or about any of the other MAS for Men services. The Lapel Lift™ for Women is also available for your the special woman in your life, so please feel free to inquire about that as well.

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