Chemical peels used to be the gold standard before the advent of Laser Skin Care technology, and they still have a role in modern clinical skin care.

Peels provide a very nice balance between non-ablative fractional resurfacing (with it’s low downtime, but more treatments required) and ablative resurfacing or dermabrasion (with their long downtime, but dramatic results). Medium-High Strength chemical peels fall right in between these other higher-tech options. Excellent results can usually be obtained in a single treatment with an average downtime of 3-4 days, whereas the a non-ablative laser will require 3-5 treatments, and the ablative laser will require 1-2 weeks of downtime.

All chemical peels at MAS are performed by a physician for maximum safety and comfort, and are available in the following strengths and treatments:

  • Low Strength. Light chemical peels come in several varieties, but the most common agent is glycolic acid. Glycolic peels are an excellent way to start for your first clinical skin care experience since they can be quite gentle at 20-30% strength, or customized up to 70% for added results. The lightest glycolic peels may only lead to 24 hours of flaking, while the stronger glycolics may leave you flaking for a few days. These peels are only mildly uncomfortable during the treatment, and very rarely lead to problems like hyperpigmentation (dark spots) or hypopigmentation (light spots). Low strength peels are also excellent for the spring and summer when the sun is too intense to be using stronger peels, and for combination treatments like The LiteTouch Laser Facial™.
  • Medium Strength. Medium strength peels are typically of the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) or Lactic Acid variety. Your skin will definitely peel (as opposed to flaking) with these agents, but the duration of the peeling can be tailored from 1 to 3 days depending on the concentration of the product. Medium strength peels burn a bit more during the treatment than lighter peels, but they produce a much better result in a shorter period of time. Plan on 3-4 days of downtime after a medium strength peel, but also be prepared for gorgeous bright skin after it’s healed!
  • High Strength. Concentrated TCA and phenol are the strongest peels available. These peels are only for peel veterans, and should only be performed by physicians. The results with high strength peels can be quite dramatic in terms of refreshing the surface of your skin and removing damaged cells, but the risks of temporary hyper or hypopigmentation are slightly higher than with lighter peels, especially when using phenol. Plan on at least 3-5 days of peeling (more with phenol), and at least a full week of downtime with a high strength peel. Most high strength peels require some form of anesthesia (either local or twilight) because the burning sensation is too intense for most patients to tolerate awake, so treatments like this are often reserved for times when a surgical rejuvenation procedure is being performed at the same time, like eyelid surgery or a neck lift. The most gentle of the high strength peels, the 30% TCA peel, can be done in the office however without anesthesia, and is an excellent clinical treatment that produces excellent results with a reasonable amount of downtime.
  • The LiteTouch Laser Peel™. This is our signature peel that includes a collagen stimulating, pore-closing, nonablative resurfacing laser along with a chemical peel. The Laser Peel is unique in that it combines two high-level skin care modalities into a single treatment in order to treat the superficial and deep layers of skin at the same time, which is something that no other clinical skin treatment does. Chemical peels only treat the most superficial layers, and non-ablative laser treatments only treat the deep layers. Both treatments can produce incredible results as stand-alone therapies, but when they are combined the results are truly amazing. Combination treatments like this are our specialty here at MAS, and we are proud to have all treatments performed by a physician so that such high-level treatments can be offered so safely and effectively.

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Are you considering a chemical peel in New York? We offer the newest peels and the quickest recovery times, and all treatments are performed by a physician for added safety and comfort. Please feel free to contact us online or call our office at 917-703-7069.

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