Polish away signs of sun damage and shrink pores with a 30-minute session that utilizes a patented MacroDermabrasion™ Dermal Brush and clinical grade glycolic microbeads to remove dulling dead skin cells, followed by a nutrient packed renewal serum to promote a smoother, brighter skin surface. Treat the décolletage as well for a more youthful neck and chest to go with your glowing face!

Macrodermabrasion™ makes a excellent addition to any home skin care regimen, and can also be used speed up the flaking process for sun spots and freckles treated with IPL.

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Is there any downtime after Macrodermabrasion™?

No, your skin will look bright and beautiful immediately after the treatment, and will feel softer than you’ve ever felt before. You can immediately apply makeup and go back to your normal daily routine. In fact, many of our modeling clients use a special version of macrodermabrasion called The Go See Facial™ to prepare their skin the day before (or the morning before) photo shoots and other big events.

Can Macrodermabrasion™ be combined with injectable fillers and Botox?

Yes, many of our patients take advantage of this option by adding a Macrodermabrasion™ session to their regularly scheduled visits for Botox or fillers. This is never a problem as long as you give our staff enough advanced notice that you would like to combine these treatments into a single session so that they can reserve enough time for you with the doctor.

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Are you considering microdermabrasion in New York? We offer the newest technologies and the quickest recovery times, and all treatments are performed by a physician for added safety and comfort. Please feel free to contact us online or call our office at917-703-7069.

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