The Sun Spot Series™ is a highly specialized treatment for freckles and sun damage that utilizes the the most modern day version of pulsed light therapy, Optimized Pulsed Light (OPL). OPL is quite different from IPL in terms of it’s specificity towards melanin in sun spots, and hemoglobin in capillaries. This increased targeting allows the OPL device to deliver much higher energy levels into the pigments and vessels without damaging the surrounding normal skin, which is always a possibility with standard IPL. OPL treatments are usually more effective in fewer sessions, and carry less downtime even though the energy delivery is higher.

Each session in this treatment series is 60-minutes in length, and combines targeted OPL with alpha-hydroxy acids, azelaic acid, retinol, and kojic acid, to “prep” the skin and enhance the result of the OPL by chemically penetrating the pigment and making it more susceptible to light absorption. In addition, a specially formulated take-home Skin Lightening Serum can be added to further diminish the spots in between the treatments, and a Zinc Oxide sunscreen is recommended for daily use while the treatments are being conducted. The treatments are spaced about 4 weeks apart, and are best started during the fall or winter months, and when your skin is not tanned.

With this incredible technology, which is much more effective than traditional IPL treatments, mild spots can often disappear within a week of the first treatment leaving your skin with a more uniform color and a softer texture. The Sun Spot Series™ was designed to erase sun damage, brown spots, freckles, broken capillaries, hemangiomas, and telangiectasis on the face, neck and chest, so if you want that “airbrushed” look we all love, schedule your consultation and first treatment session today.

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