Using Multiple Fillers for Cheekbone and Undereye Rejuvenation

Best injectable products for undereyes and cheekbones
There is no perfect filler for every situation, and most of our patients receive a combination of products each geared towards a very specific area of the face or eyes. This is the combination we’re using today for a 33 year old woman who is having her cheekbones and undereyes treated with a total of 5 syringes of product.

  1. Juvederm Voluma x 2 syringes for her cheekbones highlights and to lift the lower face
  2. Juvederm Ultra Plus x 2 syringes to fill her undereye hollows and feather in the results from her cheekbones
  3. Belotero x 1 syringe as a suerficial filler for the tear trough and the line that demarcates her lower eyelid bags
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