1 Day, 1 Week, and 3 Weeks after The Playmate Breast Augmentation

Playmate breast augmentation before and after photo
One of the most common questions I answer is “How long until new breast implants start looking good?”

I tell my patients that, in my practice, breast implants follow the rule of 3’s…

  • They look GOOD in 3 days
  • They look GREAT in 3 weeks
  • They look AMAZING in 3 months

The photo series you see above goes a few steps above the rule of 3’s. If you look closely, you see not a single bruise in the 24 hour photo, and by 3 weeks her implants already look amazing. She had 457cc moderate profile smooth round implants placed under the muscle using The Playmate Breast Augmentation technique to ensure that such large implants would still look natural on such a small frame.

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Before and After Teardrop Gummy Bear Implants

Before and After teardrop gummy bear implants
Many women wonder how soon new breast implants start looking good, and here is a great example.

This is a 32 year old woman who had a Playmate Breast AugmentationTM with Natrelle teardrop gummy bear (Style 410, Full Height, Full Projection) 335cc breast implants, under the muscle. This is the result at only three weeks after surgery. The skin below her nipple will continue to stretch and round out over time, the implants will continue to soften, and continue to look better and better all the way to a full two years after her procedure.

Her procedure was quite difficult in that she had so little natural breast tissue to begin with, and because she was using a sizable breast implant with a great deal of projection. Cases like this are our specialty here at MAS, and this is where the Playmate Technique shines as one of our most popular offerings.

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Nicholas Vendemia, M.D.
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