Scar revision by Dr. Vendemia

Dr. Vendemia was recommended to me to help reduce the size of an existing scar on my back. Although by comparison this was not a major surgery, Dr. Vendemia treated it as if it was. He was very responsive when I had follow-up questions and was great at answering questions and providing recommendations when I met with him in person. My new scar is still healing, however I can already tell that it is worlds better than the previous, and I am very happy with my experience!

In addition, Karin- from his staff is very attentive and on top of things.

- written by J.P. on 6/28/12

Botox for migraines at MAS

I went to Dr. V for botox for my migraines. I have seen a neurologist for the same procedure but I’ve actually had better luck with Dr. V who understands the procedure very well. I have had great luck with this procedure in helping to reduce the number and severity of my migraines. Both he and his assistant Shea are extremely lovely and helpful and the office assistant has been great. I go back regularly.

- written by E.K. on 6/28/12

Botox at MAS

I can’t say enough about my experience at MAS. I bought a coupon for botox and was a little nervous about it, not knowing if I would get a cheapy deal. I’ve had botox before at one of the best salons in the world and my experience here was MUCH better. Shea Slaymaker did the work on me and she was sweet and very informative and gentle. She was able to use the 25 units on my forehead and eyes and did not try to upsell me or push me into other things. It’s now three days later and I look better than I did after the first time! She was also very sweet about the fact that my fiance had purchased a coupon for me as well. I highly recommend this place.

- written by G.W. on 6/28/12

Sclerotherapy for spider veins at MAS

I recently visited Dr. Vendemia for spider veins on my legs. This was my second attempt at treating these ugly spider veins via Sclerotherapy. My first treatment which was NOT with Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery was painful and uncomfortable, and I had to wear compression stockings, which was a big nuisance. Unfortunately, my results were not good, and the veins persisted.
Dr. Vendemia was very direct. He responded to my numerous questions with honest and direct responses that were, ultimately, exactly correct! The treatment was totally painless and gentle. The best part is within two days, the veins began to appear much diminished, and look like they are disappearing with each day that passes. I had no downtime, no pain, and I was so pleased with my experience. I will definitely without a doubt return to Dr. Vendemia and I would recommend him to my family and closest friends as well!

- written on 7/23/11

Rhinoplasty in New York by Dr. Vendemia

It’s been almost three months since my rhinoplasty with Dr. V and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

I flew across country for the procedure after talking with Dr. V, Karin and Shea for the months leading up to the big day. They all put me at ease with the surgery (a first for me, along with undergoing anesthesia) and made me feel very comfortable and confident with my decision. I feel that they were very thorough in their explanations and answered all of my many questions with clarity. I knew exactly what to expect going into and coming out of surgery, but everything turned out so much easier than what I anticipated! I, surprisingly, did not have much bruising and the swelling wasn’t too hard to manage. I was shocked at how painless my recovery was as well!

Dr. V and Shea listened to exactly what I wanted out of the surgery and delivered results completely in line with my vision and desires. The change is subtle enough so that I can go about my life without anyone really noticing that I had something done but just enough so that I have a more confident attitude and demeanor.

I can’t thank the MAS staff enough for their support, understanding and flexibility with making this such a great experience and for helping me be a better, happier self! Despite living across the country, they have been very accessible and accomodating with post-surgery questions and appointments. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend MAS!

- written by Sim on 6/13/12

Breast implant exchange

Just minutes after starting my consultation with Doctor Vendemia I knew he was the right doctor for me. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring and I couldn’t ask for more.
I went to see the Doctor after finding out that I possibly had faulty breast implants as a result of a breast augmentation I had done in another country. Doctor V. knew everything about the subject and was very understanding. Prior to seeing Doctor V. I had done a consultation with another Doctor who made me feel bad about the fact that I had done breast augmentation outside the country. But Doctor V. was very different, he was understanding and while he did stress the importance of removing the faulty breast implants he also assured me that everything was going to be great, and most importantly I was going to have peace of mind and look more beautiful with more natural and great quality implants.

I had my procedure done with the doctor a few days ago, and the implants he recommended look great on my petite body type, and the recovery was so quick as well. Another great advantage of having my procedure done with Doctor V. is the Doctor’s staff. Shea and Karin were always very nice and caring.

I would definitely recommend the doctor to anyone that will undergo a similar procedure. Doctor V. not only knows that he does very well but also provides great emotional support.
I would definitely recommend the doctor to anyone that will undergo a similar procedure

- written by Salome on 8/18/11

Breast Augmentation by Dr. Vendemia in NYC

I just had breast augmentation with Dr. Vendemia and could not be happier with the results. I wanted substantial volume without appearing noticeably “fake,” which many other surgeons did not think was realistic for my petite frame. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to find the surgeon who really listens to you. I have noticed that many plastic surgeons simply replicate the same results and surgical approach for every patient — with Dr. Vendemia, I felt like he took the time to evaluate my goals and made sure that achieved the look that I wanted. His rapid recovery technique also made the whole recovery process painless and easy — I I would highly recommend Dr. Vendemia!

- written by E.L. on 8/28/11

Chemical peel and filler injections at MAS

I recently purchased a facial/eye treatment from MAS. While I was in the office I met and spoke with Dr Vendemia and also met some of his post surgery patients. It was clear that Dr V is an excellent plastic surgeon and I decided to have some cosmetic procedures including Juvederm for marionette lines and to augment my lips and a cosmetic peel. I have done these before but the results I have gotten from Dr V were significantly better. I am considering breast reduction surgery and other cosmetic procedures in the future and I will definitely use Dr Vendimia as my surgeon. He is truly an artist as well as a highly qualified surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in cosmetic work.
Moreover the PA and all the office staff are unusually caring and helpfu so the atmosphere in the office is wonderful.,

- written by L.C. on 9/2/11

Lip injections by Dr Vendemia

I have had several great treatment expereinces at MAS recently. I had received vein treament in my legs elsewhere a couple of months ago with little to no positive results. About 2 months after that experience I went to see Shea at MAS through a Groupon and she did the procedure right and got rid of the vein! I am also seeing Shea for a resistant vein on my face for which she is using the pulse light laser. It has gotten better after one treatment (I was told I may need three) and I’m confident that she will make that go away too.

I recently saw Dr. Vendemia for lip augmentation with Juvederm. I had received treatment with both Restalyne and Juvederm elsewhere in the past on three occassions and I was happy with my results however I experienced a fair amount of swelling and bruising post treatment. I hardly experienced any swelling post treatment with Dr. Vendemia. I experienced a little bruising at the injection sites in the lips themselves, which lasted a few days and I was able to cover it up with lipstick. Note: I am a bruiser so I was pleased that that I only sustained the amount of brusing that I did. And importantly my treatment was virtually painless.

My experience at MAS has been an absolute pleasure. I’m really happy with my results to date. Shea and Dr. Vendemia and their support staff are extremely attentive, thorough, highly skilled and especially kind. I’m happy to have found them and I look forward to future treatments at MAS.

- written by L.S. on 9/4/11

Facial laceration repair by Dr. Vendemia

Our 13 year old sustained a large cut under the eye brow during a middle school basketball game. It was 5:30 in the evening and we dreaded having to go to the emergency room. We were very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Vendemia who was able to meet us in his office later that evening. Our basketball player was very nervous and Dr. V. and his staff put him at ease. The stitches were removed yesterday and he’s happily playing ball again. We had a great experience with Dr. V. and highly recommend him.

- written by G.H. & R.H. on 9/8/11

Botox for underarm sweating before my wedding

I was considering Botox in my underarms as I perspire when I get nervous, and was preparing for my wedding. I met with Dr. V and his team and they were fabulous. They talked me through the process giving me all of the information that I needed in order to make an informed decision. Dr. V made sure that I was comfortable throughout the quick and easy process, which was seamless. He also gave me a few “touch-ups” a week before the big day, to make sure I was fully covered. My experience was 100% great and I look forward to continue working with Dr. V in the future.

- written by L.J. on 9/12/11

Cheekbone injections with Radiesse

I went in about one month ago to get some filler in my check bones and I am super happy with the result. I’ve been to several other places before, and received fillers from different doctors. But in my experience I can definitely say that Dr. Nicholas Vendemia is the best in his field. Dr. Vendemia knows how to inject, where to inject, what to inject. First of all, he really took time with me and explained the procedure. We decided Radiesse is best for my check bones. He has a gentle hand, I had very little pain, no brusing at all. I am really impressed with the job he has done. My face look lifted and I have nice natural definition out of my check bones. Not over done, I feel like I had a mini face lift. I love my check bones. Dr. Vendemia is not only very good also he is super nice. His stuff (especially Karen and Shea) are very kind and professional. It’s a beautiful office with a good lighting. The minute I walked in everything was pleasant and welcoming. I am very happy I found him, and I highly recommend Dr. Nicholas Vendemia. PS. I didn’t want my before and after pictures on the web site but please feel free to ask my before and after photos in their office files.

- written by Zahra B.O. on 9/26/11

Breast Augmentation in New York City

I went to meet with Dr.V because I wanted breast augmentation. When meeting with Dr.V he was so patient and took the time to answer every question I had and told me what what would be the best decision for my body and skin type. I also met with another Dr. but wasn’t the least bit impressed with that doctor. After that consultation I knew that Dr.V was the doctor to go with, and I couldn’t be happier that I made that decision! Dr. V, Shea, and Karin are the nicest people and always have your best interest in mind. Sounds corny, but they really do have hearts of gold. They always put you at ease and always go above and beyond for you. I can not find enough nice things to say about them. They are the best at what they do! I would recommend them to anyone.

- written by F.G. on 10/1/11

Sclerotherapy for spider veins at MAS

I went to MAS with the simple goal of improving the spider veins and varicose veins in my legs. For years, I have had trouble with blood circulation and the appearance and feel of the veins in my legs. The problem was getting worse and I was sure that I would have to undergo an outpatient procedure. When I came last week, I wasn’t sure what the procedure would be and was nervous that there wouldn’t be a visible result. However, I have already noticed a change after one treatment, which was one week ago, and the veins keep changing positively. Shea, in particular, was very comforting and made every step very easy.

- written by W.T. on 10/12/11

Breast implant revision by Dr. Vendemia

Dr. V is a GREAT surgeon with a heart of gold. He is skilled with the scalpel and knows when to tell you that you don’t need something done. He recently gave my body a “tune up”. I lost 100lbs and needed a lift or two! My body looks natural and proportioned now. I am originally very busty and Dr V put the girls right in place and they are beautiful!I travel the world and can go to any Dr I choose and to be quite honest, I will only go to Dr. V! He’s the best! I’ve seen my share of dermotologists and plastic surgeons either researching them, with friends or on my own, and let me tell you, I will fly to NY when its time to redo my botox to see Dr V again! He has a gentle hand and I don’t look overdone. He simply has taken 10 years off of me with an injection! Love Dr. V, Love his staff and you will too…

- written by P.H. on 10/14/11

Botox for migraines by Dr. Vendemia

I have suffered from migraines since I was 12 years old, and I have tried every medication in the book (with no relief)! I had heard about Botox for migraines, but was very skeptical about it since I had not had any success with anything else in the past. After a few more months of debilitating headaches, I finally gave in and scheduled an appointment with Dr V. He is extremely sincere, and spent quite a bit of time answering all of my questions. Dr V explained that although Botox for migraines is different than just the cosmetic use, the migraine treatment should include the cosmetic portion for the best results (which neurologists do not typically do). I decided to go ahead with the procedure. Dr V injected Botox between my eyes and on my forehead (common cosmetic areas), as well as in my temples and at the base of my skull (top part of my neck). It didn’t hurt half as much as I expected it to. After 2 weeks I noticed a difference… my headaches were still there, but they seemed a little less intense. I went in for a follow up appointment, and Dr V suggested that we do a touch up treatment to see if thats makes a bigger improvement. To my astonishment, I was almost completely headache free one week after that touch-up… Something I never thought to be possible! Plus, I absolutely love how open and relaxed my eyes and forehead look from the Botox! I now recommend Dr V to anyone who has suffered from migraines, and to anyone who just wants to look refreshed! Thank you Dr V!

- written by S.N. on 10/25/11

Breast Augmentation by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia

I’m a woman in my 50’s. I am slender and in good health. I have always taken care of my body. I eat well, exercise regularly and am lucky to have good genetics. As a young woman I was a quite busty full C cup on a small frame. I love fashion and any excuse to dress up suits me just fine.

As a result of pregnancy, nursing, and the natural aging process I noticed my breasts had flattened out and changed dramatically over the years. My clothes did not hang properly and finding a bra that fit was next to impossible. I never seriously considered breast implants until now. My mom had breast cancer and I told myself that healthy breasts are beautiful breasts. Besides the women I knew who had implants were so obviously unnatural and the ones I saw in the magazines did not look much better.

Thankfully, I met Dr Nicholas Vendemia. I shared my distress about how my breasts once were verses how they had become, my concern about wanting them to look natural, and my fear of not getting a good read on a mammogram. His bedside manner is gently reassuring as he gave me all the information I needed and answered all my questions, yet never for a moment did I feel like I was being rushed.

He explained to me that silicone rather than saline implants placed under the muscle would look more natural, and would have less chance of pulling on the skin and dimpling on the sides. To me the most obvious sign of breast implants is the wide separation of cleavage between the two breasts. Apparently skillful technique and a good sense of aesthetics prevent this occurrence. Dr V certainly has both!

He allayed my concern about mammograms as well. I am the kind of person who makes a decision based on research and intuition. My research began once I started talking about my newfound desire to enhance my breasts. I was surprised to learn of how many women had them and were happy to share their own personal experience. Unfortunately, I also heard about all of the horror stories, malformed breasts, ghastly scars, leakages and worse. I went online and read a fair amount myself, and also spoke to several other plastic surgeons and other MD’s whose opinions I value.

Dr V’s P.A., Shea, reassured me further noting Dr V’s exceptionally beautiful and consistent results. The three of us discussed size and mutually decided what would give me the best look. Although no one enjoys a bargain more than me, when it comes to health and beauty I simply won’t take a chance. Cutting corners on someone less than Dr V just wasn’t in the cards. Here is where my intuition kicked in… I observed how intently he listened and “heard” what I wanted and just knew in my heart he was going to do what was best for me. I anticipated a lovely result and scheduled my procedure.

Guess what though? I never expected them to look THIS amazing! Dr V gave me gorgeous breasts! Everyone who sees me remarks on how they are the most beautiful and natural looking implants they have ever seen! Girls in their early 20’s want theirs just like mine… seriously! My fiancé, though initially hesitant, is delighted as well.

My actual procedure went quickly. Recovery was brief and fairly uneventful. I did find the pain meds caused dizziness but I didn’t even need them after the second day. The anesthesiologist was excellent as well. I was not nauseas and was back on my feet almost immediately afterwards. I absolutely love my results, all of them and what they have done for my image and self-confidence.

I highly recommend Dr Nicholas Vendemia!!!!!! If I can be of any assistance to you please let Dr V know.

- written by C.A.K. on 10/29/11

Juvederm and Restylane at MAS

I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vendemia and his associate twice. I had two syringe fillers done from my nose down to my lips and he did an amazing job. I am very pleased with the results. He is very gentle and pays attention to what you want done. Dr. V. as they call him for short, is very professional and has a great personality. He doesnt rush you out of the office and makes conversations with you. I was highly recommended to his by a friend . I would recommend Dr. V. to anyone who i slooking for some type of enhancement. Go see Dr. V. youl be very pleased. thank you

- written by Sarah on 10/30/11

Septoplasty for deviated septum by Dr. Vendemia

My son’s deviated septum has bothered him for years and although I promised I would have it corrected I had not met a surgeon I trusted. However, once I met Dr. V I knew I was putting my son in the best possible hands. Dr. V made my son feel confident that this was this was the Dr.for him (thanks for allaying my anxiety too). Dr. V and his PA Shea corrected what was cosmetically a significant issue for my son but as an extra bonus he can breath through his nose! The best part was there was no bruising and NO PAIN!!! I am still in shock and awe. As for aftercare…there really are no words to describe the wonderful level of care given to both the patient and his over protective parents (I know keeping me at bay is no small task(LOL) so hats off to Shea and Karin for holding my hand through it all). I will be forever grateful to Dr. V and his wonderful staff for all their wonderful work. Dr. V is an artist and healer of the highest caliber!

- written by KL for ML on 11/2/11

Botox at MAS

I recently had botox injections done at MAS by Shea, Dr. V’s PA and it was probably one of the best experiences with botox I have ever had. I’ve been getting botox for over 10 years in several different cities, including LA! and Shea’s work is up there at the top! We covered a lot of areas with absolutely no bruising and amazing results! I highly recommend her!

- written on 11/16/11

Botox at MAS

Having acquired Botox for the past ten years and every visit resulting in mild to severe bruising, this was an extremley surprising and very pleasant experience with Dr. V and his exceptionally attractive and amiable staff (hello Karin and Shea!). Being fair and thin skinned, coupled with not wanting everyone to know why I look so fresh, it was very challenging to attend any public event for minally one week post treatment. Not so with Dr. V. His meticulous care, patience, and eye for any possible unwanted results were absolutely extraordinary. I am recommending him to all my friends (those “in the know”) and to others who are thinking about having any procedures done. Dr. V. is one of the most kindest, thoughtful, realistic, and generous persons I have had the great pleasure of meeting and now becoming one of his most ardent patients!

I am grateful for stumbling upon Dr. V. and his incredible staff. Thank you, Dr. V., Karin, and Shea. See you soon!!

- written by S.M. on 11/23/11

Breast Augmentation by Dr. Vendemia in New York

My wife, since she was a teenager, was unable to wear (in her words) “clothes for girls” because she was almost completely flat chested. She had always wanted a nice curvy figure and after thinking about the procedure (breast augmentation to increase cup size/implantation), we decided that enhancing her chest would really boost her self-confidence. She works out at the gym, eats right, and has a slim body, but now we wanted to give her body the “oomph” which not only turns heads but gives her the opportunity to wear “clothes for girls” such as corsets and other tight form-fitting clothing that is feminine and sensual. We chose Dr. V. after a primary consultation and were very pleased with the end result. The one thing I liked about Dr. V’s approach was that he outlined, from the first to the last step, what was to be expected. The surgery went very well (surgery was performed in March of 2011), and now my wife turns heads everywhere she goes, both of men and women! Last time we were out all dressed up nicely was at the Galleria Mall in Houston TX and everyone was looking AND admiring We thank Dr. V. for giving us an outstanding result – both because of his expertise in the operating room, as well as choosing the best cup size and implant option (saline vs. silicone and why) for her.

- written by A.W. on 11/27/11

Liquid Facelift by Dr. Vendemia

My first experience with Dr. V was yesterday. He is amazing and since I’ve had many previous “procedures” I am not easily impressed. Dr. V spent a great deal of time listening, explaining, advising me of my best options and didn’t make promises of the unobtainable. Now I’m about to clear my calendar and begin with the “Liquid Facelift”.

I must also tell you that while at Dr. V’s I had a facial with Shea. This morning my face looks and feels amazing. I’m thrilled and if one facial (is it the products?) can do this…I must do this regularly.

I will follow up after my “Liquid Facelift” and might join the photo gallery.

- written by H.R. on 12/2/11

Mommy Makeover by Dr. Vendemia

If there is anyone out there thinking of a Breast Augmentation and Abdominoplasty then I urge you to see Dr. Nicholas Vendemia. I had both done by him . I will come back at a later date and tell all of you how great the results turn out. I can tell you that Dr. V is pretty amazing, he has a wonderful bedside manner . My husband is not easy to please and after several years of having consultations with other surgeons I took my husband to meet Dr. V, I remember driving home and hearing my husband say ” I think this Dr. will give you the look that you have been after call and book the first opening ” I knew Dr. V was going to be great, but I must also say that the experience was made just as wonderful starting with his staff the office manager Karin and his wonderful PA Shea. I got wonderful attention, phone calls were always returned and my husband always got all the answers he needed from Shea. The office is wonderful, you will be treated great!!!!!!!!!!!!
I truly cannot say enough about my experience with Dr. V and his staff.

- written by S.B. on 12/9/11

Botox by Dr. V

I met Dr. V. and was very impressed with his presentation, explanation of the different procedures he does and the before and after pictures. I went because I wanted botox injections for my crow’s feet and lines in my forehead. I already had a local plastic surgeon who did my breast augmentation many years ago, and more recently botox and restalyn injections, and I was very happy with his results and feel very loyal to him. I never thought I would use another plastic surgeon, but when I met Dr. V. through the spa, I was so impressed with him that I decided to give him a try. To say that I am happy I did is an understatement! The first thing I noticed was that the injections were virtually painless- something I did not experience with my other doctor. My other doctor told me that botox could help a little with the crow’s feet but could not erase it like it can for the forehead lines. That is the main reason why I was never very happy with botox because what I really wanted was for those ugly crow’s feet to go away. I did not see much improvement with my other doctor, but thought it was because of limitations with what botox can do. Boy did Dr. V. change my opinion about that! My crow’s feet were pretty deep but after Dr. V. gave me botox, they almost completely disappeared! I never thought I could get such great results. The lines in my forehead disappeared as well. My sister has gone to many different doctors for botox and she was absolutely amazed at the results I got from Dr. V. She never saw such an improvement in crow’s feet from botox before. She can’t wait to make her appointment with him. I have to say that I am very thankful that I found Dr. V. because I now know that he can do things that most other plastic surgeons cannot do. I thought I had the best doctor until I found Dr. V.~ now I know I have the best!

- written by pif on 1/6/12