Liposculpting is one of our specialty procedures that is skyrocketing in popularity because of the uniquely artistic results that are not possible with any other liposuction technique.

The procedure is conducted with proportion, symmetry and the classic female form in mind, just as in any other work of art. And since he is an artist and a surgeon, Dr. Vendemia certainly knows a thing or two about creating fine works on the canvas, and in the operating room.

We encourage you to View our Liposculpting & Liposuction Photo Gallery to see the incredible results that real patients have achieved in our practice with our exclusive and innovative approach to this procedure.

What is Liposculpting™?

Liposculpting is a more advanced version of liposuction that shifts the emphasis from the relatively simple task of removing fat volume to the more complicated and artistic task of removing, shifting, and recontouring fat to literally sculpt a new figure. Liposculpting requires an aesthetic eye, an appreciation for the classic female form, an artistic sense of proportion, and top-notch liposuction techniques with specially designed equipment that goes far above and beyond what is commonly used in regular liposuction cases. The goal with Liposculpting is not just removing fat. The goal is to get you as close to having the body you’ve always wanted by addressing specific issues of size, proportion, shape, symmetry and your overall figure.

How is Liposculpting™ different from regular liposuction?

Liposculpting-200x300Liposculpting is a very different procedure than liposuction. Here is a summary of those differences:

  • Liposculpting places the emphasis on shape, not volume.
    Most liposuction cases are about removing as much fat volume as possible to decrease the overall size of the areas being treated. Liposculpting reduces the size where necessary by removing fat, but it does so with much more attention to the shape being left behind rather than just making everything smaller. Reestablishing a new shape that not only meets your aesthetic goals, but also works well in proportion to your height and bone structure, is the way to turn an average result into a fantastic one.
  • Liposculpting involves shifting and recontouring of fat, not just removal.
    Sometimes the key factor in creating a beautiful result is not what is taken out, but what is left behind. Fat does not always have to be removed, and in many cases, shifting or recontouring the fat is actually a better option than removing it. There are several anatomic areas across the abdomen, hips, and thighs where removing fat can lead to grooving and other contour abnormalities, so in many of these areas, fat shifting is a much better option.
  • Liposculpting requires preoperative analysis and planning.
    In order for Liposculpting to be effective, a very careful and precise preoperative analysis is necessary. Fat pockets much be identified for removal, fat shifting areas must be seen and marked, recontouring areas must be planned, and this whole process needs to be performed 3-dimensionally all the way around the body. Your surgeon must also have a vision of the form and figure he wants to create for you, and this is where an artistic eye is a necessary part of Liposculpting, and unfortunately can’t be taught… it’s one of those things that he either has or doesn’t. Immediately before your Liposculpting surgery, you can expect to spend well over half an hour being “designed” by Dr. Vendemia during his process of artistic analysis that guides every step of the procedure.
  • Liposculpting requires specially designed instruments and an ultra-precise technique.
    In order to perform a procedure of this magnitude, the instruments must be tailored to the work at hand. Liposuction instruments are designed to remove the most volume possible, in the quickest way possible, but instruments like that are not suitable for Liposculpting cases. Liposculting instruments are more akin to an artist’s paint brushes where each instrument is designed for a specific purpose, and often times Dr. Vendemia will used 6 or 8 different cannulas on a single cases, all for different reasons. The cannulas are usually far more delicate, and the tips are capable of much finer, more precise, work that not only enhances the shape being sculpted, but also avoid complications like grooving, wrinkling, and skin tethering.

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What areas are most amenable to Liposculpting?

The waist, outer thighs, inner thighs, and buttocks are the most common areas where Liposculpting is most successful. Fine adjustments of the proportions between those areas can have a dramatic, yet incredibly natural, affect on your overall figure.

How much volume is typically removed for Liposculpting cases?

Liposculpting cases are more about shape, symmetry and proportion than they are about volume. The typical volume-removal liposuction case will remove 3500-5000cc of fat, but the average Liposculpting case will remove 1500-2500cc, redistribute or shift another 400-500cc, and recontour an additional 400-500cc. In Liposculpting cases, volume is removed where it is in excess, shifted to establish better symmetry and proportion, and recontoured to sculpt a more aesthetic shape and form.

Is it still necessary to wear a compression garment after Liposculpting?

Yes, a compression garment is even more important for Liposculpting cases, and the garments will be more specifically targeted to the treated areas with compression panels over those areas. Without a properly designed garment, swelling can impede your new figure from healing in the shape that your surgeon created for you, so it’s critically important to purchase the proper garment that fits well, downside that garment at certain stages during the healing process, and plan on wearing it for a minimum of 6-8 weeks. Contrary to popular belief, wearing a compression garment isn’t as big a deal as it is made out to be in some online forums. Properly made garments are quite comfortable, and can’t be seen under clothing, even form fitting clothing.

For more information about Liposculpting™ for the love handles, waist, thighs and butt (one of our most popular procedures), please contact us online to schedule a consultation or call our office at 917-703-7069. You can also read more about Liposuction in general by clicking here. If you haven’t already done so, check out the amazing results in our Before & After photo gallery by clicking on the image below. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

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