“Merging Art & Science in the Greatest City in the World.”

The art of medicine is said to combine the principles of mastery, individuality, humanity, and morality. Dr. Nicholas Vendemia embodies all of these in his practice, not only with how he interacts with his patients and with his results in the OR, but also in his interest in the arts.

Dr. V particularly enjoys drawing, photography, and sculpture, and is unbelievably talented in all genres. Pencil and charcoal are his preferred mediums for his drawings, and he enjoys using his unusually steady hands to produce some of the most stunning photographs you’ve ever seen. Pay close attention during your consultation to spot several of his works on display in the gallery hallway of his Manhattan office, or visit his popular photography website Vaperture.com.

This combination of art and science adds so much more dimension to Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery, and will enhance and enrich your experience from the moment you walk through our doors and continue with every visit thereafter. His imaginative and humanistic approach will connect you even more to your desired results. Here are a few of Dr. Vendemia’s drawings…


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