Inverted nipple repair is relatively painless in-office procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia, and can lead to wonderful improvement in the overall appearance of a woman’s breasts.

Not many women even realize that inverted nipples can be repaired, but since we’ve performed a large number of these procedures, we have a fairly large number of patients who have had great experiences with the surgery (and may be willing to discuss those experiences with you after your consultation). Keep reading to learn more about inverted nipple repair.

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What causes inverted nipples?

Shortened or scarred milk ducts are the most common cause of inverted nipples. Milk ducts connect the underlying breast tissue to the skin of the nipple, so if they are too short they may pull the nipple inward and result in the “inverted” appearance. Nipples can have different degrees of inversion. Some are so severe that they never spontaneously un-inverted (evert), even with stimulation. Some are only mild and can easily be everted. The degree of inversion determined the complexity of the repair procedure, so the most important step is to have a consultation so Dr. Vendemia can examine you.

Can inverted nipples be fixed?

Yes, inverted nipples can be fixed with a delicate in-office procedure that can usually be completed under local anesthesia. The procedure involves stretching the short milk ducts, or possible cutting s few of them if they are too short or scarred to allow the nipple to evert. In most cases, the ducts can be stretched and do not have to be cut, so cutting the ducts is only necessary in the most severe cases of inverted nipples. The procedure takes about 45 minutes for one side, or about 90 minutes for both sides. You can go back to work the next day, and it is a fairly pain-free recovery.

Does inverted nipple repair leave a scar?

Yes, there is a very small scar hidden within the pigmented areola and the border of the nipple. In most cases, this scar heals so well that it is nearly invisible within a few months.

Can they invert again after surgery?

Nipples can sometimes retract again following nipple repair surgery. This can happen a few weeks, months, or even years after the surgery is performed, and is most commonly related to getting pregnant and breast feeding. Pregnancy can sometimes weaken the repair allowing the nipples to re-invert. That being said, inverted nipple surgery has a high success rate, and although a recurrence is possible, it is not common.

Can I still breastfeed after inverted nipple repair surgery?

It depends. If Dr. Vendemia is able to un-invert your nipple by stretching the milk ducts, your chance of breast feeding will be unaffected (don’t forget that only 50% of all women, regardless of whether or not they have had breast surgery of any kind, will be successful when they try to breast feed). However, if your surgeon has to cut some or all of the milk ducts to evert your nipple, you will probably not be able to breast feed after surgery (unless the opposite nipple was not repaired). This is something that you should discuss with your doctor beforehand, and of course you have will always have the final decision about whether or not you want the procedure if your doctor feels that cutting the ducts is a necessary part of a good repair.

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