The decision to remove breast implants is a difficult one, and not one to be taken lightly since it can be difficult to restore a youthful, attractive shape to the breasts without the supportive volume of the implants themselves, especially if the implants are very old.

However, many women who decide to remove their breast implants are extremely happy, and as most of them will tell you, it’s all about having realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the risks, benefits, and alternatives of breast implant removal.

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What are the most common reasons for Breast Implant Removal?

There are a variety of reasons why women choose to have their breast implants removed, but the most common reasons are:

  • The implants are too old. Breast implants do wear out over time and should be replaced with a new pair after 10-15 years to minimize the risks involved with older breast implants. Some women elect to remove their implants instead of having them replaced, but most women who fall into this category are at a more mature stage in their lives where the appearance of their breasts is no longer at the top of their priority list, which is the best reason not to bother with having them replaced. If the overall appearance of your breasts still matters a great deal to you, do not make the mistake of assuming that you will save a lot of money or recovery time by having your implants removed instead of replaced. The cost of removing your breast implants can often be comparable to replacing them, and the recovery time is surprisingly about the same.
  • The implants are too big. Women who get breast implants in their 20’s tend to prefer larger sizes and higher profiles than women in their 40’s, so it’s not uncommon for women to consider having the implants that they got when they were younger taken out years or decades after their original surgery. Along those lines, lifestyle changes that involve new activities like yoga, surfing, and running may prompt some women to consider removing or replacing their implants to reduce the weight of their breasts.
  • The implants are too saggy. Unfortunately, all breasts, and all breast implants, will sag as you get older, and some women may elect to have the implants removed altogether rather than go through a breast lift procedure. It is important to note however that most of these women may benefit tremendously from a breast lift even if they are having their implants removed because the breasts will sag even more without the supportive volume of the implants. In this situation, it is very important to have a realistic expectation for the final result if you are having your implants removed because they are sagging but choose not to have a breast lift procedure to restore some semblance of an attractive, youthful breast.
  • The implants have deflated. Saline breast implants, especially those older than 6-8 years, can deflate slowly over time, or very quickly if they rupture spontaneously. Some women who find themselves in this in this situation will decide to have their implants removed, but as discussed above, make sure you are not making this decision based solely on saving money and recover time since these aspects can be very comparable between having them removed and having them replaced.
  • There is a problem with the implants. Implants that have reached their predefined lifespan (about 10-15 years for silicone, and about 6-8 years for saline) can cause problems if they are not removed or replaced in a timely manner. The most common problem with older implants is capsular contracture, in which one or both of the implants can become hard and visibly change shape. Some women who experience this problem will elect to have their implants removed instead of attempting to repair the contracture.

Should I remove my implants completely, or get a smaller size?

There’s no question that replacing your implants with a smaller size and having a breast lift will produce the better aesthetic result. Removing the implants altogether causes even more sagging and makes it extremely difficult for your surgeon to resculpt a shapely, youthful breast with a natural cleavage line. This is something that not many women realize before they make the decision to have their implants removed, so make sure that you discuss your expectations thoroughly with your surgeon before proceeding so you don’t wind up disappointed with the results simply because you didn’t know what to expect. Removing your breast implants without replacing them, and without performing any additional aesthetic procedures like a breast lift, will almost always leave the breasts looking deflated, flat, saggy and aged. This is something that you must understand and make peace with before making the decision to remove them entirely.

Are there any procedures available other than a traditional breast lift after implant removal?

Yes, Dr. Nicholas Vendemia has pioneer a single scar breast lift procedure at MAS that results in a youthful, perky breast with only a single scar in the fold under the breast instead of the classic anchor pattern scars associated with a traditional breast lift. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure though, so it’s important to schedule a consultation so that you can be formally evaluated as a candidate.

How long does is the recovery after Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a fairly straightforward procedure with almost no downtime, no stitches to take out, and very little discomfort. Most women can go back to almost all normal activities within a few days.

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