written by A.V. on 12/30/14


Rapid Recovery breast augmentation by Dr. Nicholas Vendemia at MAS

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was a teenager. I spent years going back and forth over the benefits and risks. I worried that I would look unprofessional, trashy or obviously fake. I researched doctors both in California and New York and decided to meet with Dr. V. first. Once I met him I knew right away that he was the right doctor for me. He’s patient, smart, kind, experienced and genuinely interested in listening and providing the best result possible. He spent lots of time with me to discuss my options while taking time to understand what I wanted. I am very particular and had many questions. He was thoughtful and honest each step of the way. He takes his work seriously and is a true artist.

The surgery was brief and surprisingly easy. I felt comfortable going into surgery, was cared for by the hospital crew and then sent home feeling just fine. I couldn’t believe that I felt so good. I have never had surgery before so I was nervous. The fact that I felt so good right after surgery was a shock. I was back at work after a couple of days because I was getting cabin fever. I felt fine to go back to work the next day but, of course, was told not to. It was difficult to remember that I had just had surgery.

Karin, Dr. V’s office manager, was so supportive through the process. Karin is absolutely delightful. She is courteous, thoughtful and responsive making the whole process very, very easy.

Week after week, I waited. I expected something to happen. I thought that at some point I would feel some pain. I never did. I’m sure that I drove Karin crazy because I sincerely couldn’t believe that the whole process could be so easy and pain free. At first it seemed like a blessing and then after several weeks I wondered if there was something wrong with me because I hadn’t felt any pain or discomfort throughout the recovery process. Months later, here I am all healed up from a completely pain free procedure and recovery.

I could not be happier with my result! My breasts look unbelievably natural despite being on the larger side (I opted for a fuller size). I fit all of my clothes better. I feel better in my new body and much more confident. My boyfriend can barely keep his hands off me. I wish I did it sooner. I can’t thank Dr. V enough!

Dream come true!

written by A.V. on 12/30/14