Megan Fox Shows Off Her Stunning Breast Implants on The Red Carpet!

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Super sexy starlette Megan Fox reportedly lost her engagement ring (for the second time!) on the beach in Hawaii… I can’t say I blame her though… I’d probably lose mine too if “David Silver” gave it to me 🙂

Megan fox engagement, brian austin green, david silver

No worries though… she made up for losing the ring (and then some!) with this unbelievable plunging neckline at a recent LA movie premiere!

Her cleavage looks incredible, and for anyone out there who’s scared about looking fake after getting breast implants, this is a great example of what’s possible when you’re in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon.

  • The size is perfect for her. The implants are in perfect proportion to the rest of her body.
  • They are not sitting too high on her chest (a very common problem with unqualified surgeons).
  • They have a beautiful slope on the upper edge that mimics a natural breast very well (a difficult thing to achieve in a woman who is as lean as Megan)

It looks like her lips have settled down a bit after her injections too… another plus 🙂

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Photo Credits: HuffPo, ZedStats crowdfunding property empowerment