At MAS, we are constantly working to improve on old, outdated ways of doing things, and we no longer believe that having a breast augmentation should commit you to being out of commission for several weeks as it is often described by patients who have had this procedure elsewhere.

We specialize in minimizing downtime with everything we do, not just surgery, and we are proud to have pioneered a specialty procedure called The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™ that drastically reduces the pain, bruising, swelling, prescription usage, and overall recovery time after breast augmentation surgery.

View our Breast Augmentation Photo Gallery to see before and after images of women like you who chose The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™. This photo was taken one week after surgery… minimal swelling, no bruising, and a gorgeous result!


What Is The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™?

The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation involves a technique that is designed specificially to avoid excessive trauma to the delicate and sensitive nerves of the breast and the chest wall.  Traditional breast augmentation techniques create a significant amount of inflammation around these nerves, which can lead to prolonged discomfort, soreness, and a longer recovery period than necessary. In the same manner that you avoid a sensitive area of your body that might be injured, a Rapid Recovery surgeon avoids the sensitive nerves that cause pain, which makes your recovery speedier and much more comfortable.

The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation isn’t just about an advanced surgical technique though. The anesthesia time is minimized (usually less than one hour) by an organized and ultra efficient staff that is completely focused on safety and efficiency so that you receive only a fraction of the usual amount of anesthetic medications. After surgery, you will not need any narcotic pain medications like Percocet or Vicodin. A simple anti-inflammatory, Tylenol, and some ice packs will be all you need to feel perfectly comfortable. There are no special bras or straps necessary after the procedure, in fact, most patients go home with just a band aid over their incisions.

How is The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™ different from a regular breast augmentation?

  1. Less Painful. It is very common for patients who have a traditional breast augmentation to need harsh prescription pain pills like Percocet for several weeks, and sometimes even longer. With the Rapid Recovery technique, most of our patients do not take a single Percocet… a gentle anti-inflammatory and Tylenol are all that’s necessary after surgery. Avoiding medications like Percocet and Vicodin allows you to be completely free of common side effects like nausea, headache, and grogginess. Without these medications, you’ll be comfortable and clear-headed so you can get back to work and other normal activities much more quickly than usual.
  2. Less Downtime. If it’s less painful, it’s obvious that there is less downtime as well. Most Rapid Recovery patients are back to normal activities, with the exceptions of heavy lifting and strenuous exercise, within 24 hours, and back to work in less than a week.
  3. Less Risky. Because the Rapid Recovery technique leads to far less inflammation, the amount of swelling and bruising is also reduced compared to a traditional breast augmentation. Most of the bruising will be gone after a few days (if you have any at all), and most of the swelling will be gone in a week. The risk of serious problems like bleeding is also reduced with the Rapid Recovery technique, as is the risk of bothersome side effects from harsh prescription pain pills that aren’t necessary with this technique. In addition, all Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation procedures are performed with the exclusive No-Touch Technique that has been proven to reduce the risk of infection and capsular contracture, reduce the size of the incision (which leads to a much smaller scar), and speed up the recovery process even further. This is a revolutionary technique for breast implant insertion that is only being used by a handful of the most talented breast implant specialists in Los Angeles and across the country, but it quickly becoming the gold standard for all breast augmentation procedures.
  4. Less Complicated. Since we specialize almost exclusively in breast augmentation surgery, the entire process from your first phone call to your last follow up visit is extremely refined and efficient. Dr. Vendemia spends more time with you during the consultation process to make sure you’ve chosen the perfect implant so you can put your mind to rest and know that you’re going to have an outstanding result. The MAS staff coordinates your preoperative visits and minimizes the paperwork so you can enjoy an easy, relaxed experience. There are no complicated lists of medications, and no uncomfortable straps, garments or wraps. You won’t need any surgical supplies at home because there is absolutely nothing to take care of from your perspective. You’ll be able to shower the day after the procedure, and you’ll be wearing a normal underwire bra within a week. There are no stitches to take out (all dissolve on their own), and no drains to worry about. Our patients consistently say, “Wow, this was so much easier than I thought it would be.”, and we take a great deal of pride when we hear it over and over again because that’s exactly what we set out to accomplish with The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™.

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Am I a candidate for The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™?

Most women who are having breast augmentation surgery for the first time are candidates, but there are a few exceptions. The only way to know for sure whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure is to schedule a consultation so that you can discuss your goals with your plastic surgeon, and be formally evaluated for the procedure.

What is the No-Touch Technique for breast augmentation?

The Keller Funnel is a specialized polymer sleeve used to insert implants of all types into the body without actually having to touch the implant or expose it to potential contaminants on the skin surface, the operative field, or from the air. The sleeve allows the implant to be transferred directly from it’s sterile container through the incision with minimal exposure to it’s surroundings, and also allows for a near-frictionless insertion that minimizes stress on the implant and the incision. The No-Touch Technique using the Keller Funnel for breast augmentation is quickly becoming the gold standard for sterility and safety, and we are proud to offer this technique to our exclusive breast augmentation clientele. Click here for more information and a video demonstration of the Keller Funnel in action.

How much does The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™ cost?

The price range for a Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation is approximately $8,500-$9,500 depending on the complexity of your particular procedure, the type of implants you choose, and a few other variables that you’ll discuss with Dr. Vendemia during your consultation.

Are there financing options available for The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™?

Yes, there are two excellent financing options available to qualified applicants. A reasonable credit score will often qualify for a period of 0% interest, and for many applicants the monthly payments could be as low as $200. The MAS staff will help you through every step of the application process immediately after your consultation so you’ll know whether or not you’ve been approved before you leave the office. And if you are denied for any reason, they will also assist you with alternatives like requesting a lower limit, or re-applying with a cosigner.

How can I get more information about The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™?

For more information about The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™, or for any of our other options for breast enhancement, please contact us online to schedule a consultation or call our office at 917-703-7069.

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Dr. Nicholas Vendemia performs The Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™ for women. We encourage you to contact us online or give Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery a call at 917-703-7069 to schedule a visit to fly out. Dr. Vendemia is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles with a reputation for custom care and beautiful results.