written by C.A.K. on 10/29/11

Breast Augmentation by New York Plastic Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vendemia

I’m a woman in my 50’s. I am slender and in good health. I have always taken care of my body. I eat well, exercise regularly and am lucky to have good genetics. As a young woman I was a quite busty full C cup on a small frame. I love fashion and any excuse to dress up suits me just fine.

As a result of pregnancy, nursing, and the natural aging process I noticed my breasts had flattened out and changed dramatically over the years. My clothes did not hang properly and finding a bra that fit was next to impossible. I never seriously considered breast implants until now. My mom had breast cancer and I told myself that healthy breasts are beautiful breasts. Besides the women I knew who had implants were so obviously unnatural and the ones I saw in the magazines did not look much better.

Thankfully, I met Dr Nicholas Vendemia. I shared my distress about how my breasts once were verses how they had become, my concern about wanting them to look natural, and my fear of not getting a good read on a mammogram. His bedside manner is gently reassuring as he gave me all the information I needed and answered all my questions, yet never for a moment did I feel like I was being rushed.

He explained to me that silicone rather than saline implants placed under the muscle would look more natural, and would have less chance of pulling on the skin and dimpling on the sides. To me the most obvious sign of breast implants is the wide separation of cleavage between the two breasts. Apparently skillful technique and a good sense of aesthetics prevent this occurrence. Dr V certainly has both!

He allayed my concern about mammograms as well. I am the kind of person who makes a decision based on research and intuition. My research began once I started talking about my newfound desire to enhance my breasts. I was surprised to learn of how many women had them and were happy to share their own personal experience. Unfortunately, I also heard about all of the horror stories, malformed breasts, ghastly scars, leakages and worse. I went online and read a fair amount myself, and also spoke to several other plastic surgeons and other MD’s whose opinions I value.

Dr V’s P.A., Shea, reassured me further noting Dr V’s exceptionally beautiful and consistent results. The three of us discussed size and mutually decided what would give me the best look. Although no one enjoys a bargain more than me, when it comes to health and beauty I simply won’t take a chance. Cutting corners on someone less than Dr V just wasn’t in the cards. Here is where my intuition kicked in… I observed how intently he listened and “heard” what I wanted and just knew in my heart he was going to do what was best for me. I anticipated a lovely result and scheduled my procedure.

Guess what though? I never expected them to look THIS amazing! Dr V gave me gorgeous breasts! Everyone who sees me remarks on how they are the most beautiful and natural looking implants they have ever seen! Girls in their early 20’s want theirs just like mine… seriously! My fiancé, though initially hesitant, is delighted as well.

My actual procedure went quickly. Recovery was brief and fairly uneventful. I did find the pain meds caused dizziness but I didn’t even need them after the second day. The anesthesiologist was excellent as well. I was not nauseas and was back on my feet almost immediately afterwards. I absolutely love my results, all of them and what they have done for my image and self-confidence.

I highly recommend Dr Nicholas Vendemia!!!!!! If I can be of any assistance to you please let Dr V know.

written by C.A.K. on 10/29/11