Breast Augmentation

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Age: 42Height: 5'5"Weight: 125 lbsImplant: 421cc SiliconeCup Size: B-->DProcedure(s): Breast Augmentation
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This is a 22 year old woman (5’5″ 125lbs) who went from a B cup to a D cup with 421cc moderate profile gummy bear silicone breast implants placed under the muscle (submuscular) through incisions in the fold under her breast (inframammary).

Her breasts has softened and deflated as she aged and became more physically fit, and she wanted to regain the cleavage that she used to have when she was younger and a bit heavier. She opted for a slightly larger size than she originally thought she wanted in order to get as much lift as possible from the breast augmentation itself without having to perform an additional breast lift procedure. The benefit of using a slightly larger implant to lift the breast is that the scars stay small and completely hidden in the folds under the breasts as opposed to being in a lollipop or anchor pattern from having a traditional breast lift procedure (called a mastopexy). The decision of whether to use a slightly larger implant vs having a real breast lift procedure is a very common one in women over 40 years old, or in any women with multiple children. As the breasts sag and deflate, there are only two ways to lift the breast: 1) add volume, or 2) physically lift it with a surgical mastopexy. The combination of those two procedures is sometimes necessary in the most severe cases of sagging and volume loss, but in many cases like this one, simply using a slightly larger implant to add enough volume to lift the breast is a nice compromise by avoiding any conspicuous scarring and still giving a very reasonable amount of lift. The result is not as perfect as it would have been if she had had this procedure in her late twenties or early thirties when her breasts were less saggy, but it is much better than having the additional breast lift scars.

This is her result at only 3 weeks after surgery, so over the next 2-3 months, these implants will settle further and drop down to an even more natural position.

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