Botox for Frizzy Hair

botox for frizzy hair treatments in new yorkWhile Botox for wrinkles continues to be the most popular use for this wonder-injectable, new treatments arise all the time.

The newest use of Botox Cosmetic is to combat frizzy hair, which may or may not coincide with the theoretical mechanism of action of Botox for hair loss. When Botox is precisely injected into the scalp skin, it relaxes all of the structure around the hair follicle which most likely allows for greater blood flow and oxygen delivery for a healthier follicle that is less likely to stop producing hair, and also for relaxation of the neuromuscular bundles that supply these follicles and contribute to changes in hair position and texture.

An additional benefit of any Botox for hair treatment (frizziness, thinning hair, or hair loss) is the natural sweat reduction that occurs anywhere that Botox is injected. Botox for excessive sweating is an actual treatment in and of itself in areas of the body that are prone to this condition (armpits, hands, and feet), but effective sweat reduction is also seen in the forehead and scalp after Botox for winkles, Botox for frizzy hair, Botox for thinning hair, Botox for hair loss, and Botox for Migraines.

So the next time you find yourself frizzed out and drenched in sweat after your summer spin class, think about asking your favorite plastic surgeon about Botox for frizzy hair the next time you schedule a cosmetic injectable session. The treatment is quick and easy, but is it not inexpensive given that 100-150 units are typically necessary to see good results.

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