On Pointe With The Ballerina Project

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We recently stumbled upon The Ballerina Projectwhile reading an article in Huff-Po, and were instantly captivated by the concept.  Real dancers take a pause from the stages and studios, and literally take their toes  to the streets of NYC.

The blog and Face Book pages offer a stunning look into the unexpected beauty and grace that lies beneath the hustle and grime of everyday life around New York. We love this breathtaking shot of  the dancer above! The image flawlessly captures her as she seamlessly becomes a part of this graffiti scarred building. Her lines and form  turn the whole scene into a work of art.

We hope this brainchild of photographer  Dane Shitagi continues, and even expands to other cities around the globe. To check out more of these urban collaborations of grace and grit, click here now.

Encore! Encore! See more images below. (more…)

The New York City Ballerina Project: More Than “Ethereal” and Definitely On Pointe!

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A woman walks into a room.  Heads turn to stare.  She radiates poise… ease… confidence.  Her feet are endless, feet slightly turned out.  Her arms are quietly chiseled.  She has perfect posture.  She seems to glide across the floor without any visible effort. She is, without a doubt, a ballerina.

A ballerina’s aesthetic appeal is perhaps the most recognizable of all sports.  To the untrained eye, she might appear waif-ish, fragile, or weak.  She has been referred to as “ethereal” by many a male choreographer. On the contrary, ballerinas have more strength and stamina than many professional athletes.  Some of them can jump as high as basketball players, but the difference is that a ballerina must hold a beautiful position while launching her body through the air, spinning around and landing on one leg.  It is her job to make it look easy.

The Ballerina Project has done a fabulous job illustrating these points, and we applaud the artist, Dane Shitagi, for doing such an amazing job displaying the soul of a dancer!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of The Ballerina Project yet, click here. Or read on to find out why ballerinas have true “MAS Appeal”