7 Ways To Look Slimmer In Your Bikini!

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Want to turn heads like supermodel Elle Macpherson? Stand up straight!

You heard us right. Even if  you don’t quite have your bikini body yet, this is the fastest, easiest way to pull off the confident look that really lets your beauty shine through. As women, we often slumpto try to hide the bumps that bug us: your belly, your butt, or your bust. Not only does this not fool anyone, it actually makes all three look worse than they are!

Read on for 7 ways to “drop 10 pounds” with good posture.

  1. Pay attention! Make a little mental note throughout the day to see if you’re slouching. Then, stop it!
  2. Walk around at home with a book on your head. Easy, old-school, and oh-so effective.
  3. Look up while you walk! Stop texting , looking for change, or whatever else has you humped over! Besides, you don’t want to miss anything that you walk by, like a shoe sale or hot guy 🙂
  4. Work out! strong core is the key to good posture. Balletyogapilates, and weight training are all excellent ideas for a healthy back and abs.
  5. Stretch! Especially your neck and shoulder muscles. Click here for an example or go get a massage.
  6. Think positive thoughts! You’re gorgeous! Think about all the good things in your like, people who make you smile, or even your favorite vacation spot. You’ll feel great, and stand up straighter because of the good vibes.Practice, practice, practice! Keep your chest open, up, and out. Relax your hips. Let your shoulders slide down and back into their sockets (don’t force them back).

Now go blast the beach with your confidence and gorgeous good posture! Lose the slouch and the pouch for a slimmer you all summer long.

photo credit: celebuzz.com

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