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Have you ever sat in your cubicle wondering what’s going on in the fabulous world of Hugh Hefner?  But were too worried to Google “Playboy” at your desk?

Worry no more! Hef recently launched a brand new site that he claims is 100% “work safe”. It’s filled with beautiful pictures that won’t set off any censorship alarms on your office computer, and won’t provoke any sneers from coworkers when they pass by.

Just like Playboy, it’s got lots of articles about a variety of topics, so when you say “I read it for the articles”, you’ll actually be telling the truth!

Check it out at

Happy Birthday Gisele! The Big 3-0

Gisele Bundchen, Victoria's Secret runway shows, Gisele turns 30

We hope that Gisele enjoyed her 30th birthday yesterday, because today, she is officially “in her thirties“!

Gisele Bundchen Brazil Fashion Week, Gisele returns to the runway, how to get in shape after a baby

Unlike so many of us, Gisele hardly has a thing to worry about as she enters her third decade of life:

  • Smoking hot body and naturally, beyond-belief beauty? Check!
  • Married to successful, sexy star athlete?  Check!
  • Mother of a genetically stacked baby boy?  Check!
  • Flourishing multi-million dollar career?  Check, check, check!!!

What is her secret? We think it’s a winning ticket in the gene-pool lottery, a Line-Fighting health and beauty routine, and a LOT of hard work! MAS can’t wait to continue following this Brazilian bombshell, as she continues to rock  magazines, and runways all over the world.

Happy Thirties, Gisele! The best is yet to come!

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Nelson Antoine, AP,

On Pointe With The Ballerina Project

The Ballerina Project, NYC Arts, pictures of ballerinas, dancing events

We recently stumbled upon The Ballerina Projectwhile reading an article in Huff-Po, and were instantly captivated by the concept.  Real dancers take a pause from the stages and studios, and literally take their toes  to the streets of NYC.

The blog and Face Book pages offer a stunning look into the unexpected beauty and grace that lies beneath the hustle and grime of everyday life around New York. We love this breathtaking shot of  the dancer above! The image flawlessly captures her as she seamlessly becomes a part of this graffiti scarred building. Her lines and form  turn the whole scene into a work of art.

We hope this brainchild of photographer  Dane Shitagi continues, and even expands to other cities around the globe. To check out more of these urban collaborations of grace and grit, click here now.

Encore! Encore! See more images below. (more…)

The New York City Ballerina Project: More Than “Ethereal” and Definitely On Pointe!

The Ballerina Project, New York City Ballet, The American Ballet Theater, ballet workouts, ballerina body, MAS Appealmodel

A woman walks into a room.  Heads turn to stare.  She radiates poise… ease… confidence.  Her feet are endless, feet slightly turned out.  Her arms are quietly chiseled.  She has perfect posture.  She seems to glide across the floor without any visible effort. She is, without a doubt, a ballerina.

A ballerina’s aesthetic appeal is perhaps the most recognizable of all sports.  To the untrained eye, she might appear waif-ish, fragile, or weak.  She has been referred to as “ethereal” by many a male choreographer. On the contrary, ballerinas have more strength and stamina than many professional athletes.  Some of them can jump as high as basketball players, but the difference is that a ballerina must hold a beautiful position while launching her body through the air, spinning around and landing on one leg.  It is her job to make it look easy.

The Ballerina Project has done a fabulous job illustrating these points, and we applaud the artist, Dane Shitagi, for doing such an amazing job displaying the soul of a dancer!

If you haven’t had the pleasure of The Ballerina Project yet, click here. Or read on to find out why ballerinas have true “MAS Appeal”


Hiromi Oshima has MAS Appeal!

Hiromi Oshima,, MAS Appeal

Ladies, when’s the last time you took a pic like this for your man? Guys, when’s the last time you got the camera out and posed the apple of your eye like this?

If the answer is “never” and “never”, then ladies and gentlemen it’s time to meet Hiromi Oshima!

We stumbled on this pic on, a site we told you about a while back. We’re still not sure what category this falls under, so we’re including it under “Got MAS Appeal?”, “All Things Aesthetic”, and “Fun”… mostly because we don’t have a “Smokin’ Hot” category 🙂

Click Keep Reading to see a few more  photos of Hiromi


“Waist” Not, Want Not. The Smallest Waist in Modeling!

Proenza schouler fall collection, proenza schouler fashion model, proenza schoulder skinny model, supermodels too skinny

Take a look at this recent ad for the Proenza Schouler fall collection, and then look closer at the size of this models waist!

It’s truly amazing how small her waist is… so small that we start to wonder about camera angles and photoshop because it couldn’t possibly be that small for real… or could it?!?

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Photo Credit: CocoPerez

New York City on 9/11

9/11 memorial, new york skyline

Don’t forget to take a few moments to remember the victims, heroes, and survivors of 9/11 today. Nine years later, New York City is STILL the greatest city in the world!

Lady Gaga in the Raw at the 2010 VMA’s!

lady gaga meat outfit at the vma's

Lady Gaga is the new “Octomom”! To 8 little moon-men that is!

Along with her VMA’s, Gaga managed seemingly endless wardrobe changes last night, but this look stole the show for the most MAS Appeal.

We first caught a glimpse of Gaga’s fresh-meat look on the cover of  Vogue Hommes Japan, but we loved the revamped raw look she had on last night even more! We’re not sure if that shabu shabu style’s going to make it onto the runways at NYC’s Fashion Week, but the Haus of Gaga never ceases to amaze!

Gaga’s fashion is a cut above! We just want to know are those Filet Mignon Manolo’s?


Happy 29th Birthday, Nicole Richie!

Nicole Richie turns 29, Nicole Richie, Nicole Richie fashion week pics

We hope the birthday girl is having as much fun today as she was during Fashion’s Night Out at Bergdorf’s last week!

We can’t believe how much Nicole’s improved over the past decade. From anorexic-rehab wreck to a first-class fashionista-mother-of-two-bride-to-be! And they say people can’t change…

Considering most of us thought she’d barely make it to twenty five, we wish her nothing but the best of it all as she wraps up this decade of her life!

Funny how her life seems so much more simple now!

Nicole Richie on The Simple Life, The Simple Life

Katy Perry and Rhianna: MAS Appeal or Trash Appeal?

Katy Perry and Rhianna at bachelorette party, katy perry plastic surgery, rhianna red hair, MAS, Manhattan Aesthetic Surgery

Take a look at Katy Perry and Rhianna partying it up in Vegas for Katy’s bachelorette party!

Looks like a great time, but what’s with the fashion? It looks like Katy got attacked by the bedazzler, and Rhianna chose the luscious color of watermelon for her hair on her last trip to the salon 🙂

MAS Appeal or Trash Appeal?

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Hot “Gossip”! Beth Ditto Has MAS Appeal!

Beth Ditto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris Fashion Week coverage, Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier

Vive la France!

Only in Paris and only on the renegade runway of Jean Paul Gaultier would the bodacious Beth Ditto be walking in Fashion Week!

Ms. Ditto gives a whole new meaning to SUPER-model. She is about four times the size of the average fashion plate, and about four times the woman as well. I’ve been following the un-ignorable lead singer of The Gossip for years because you just cannot take your eyes off of her!

Beth lives full-frontal. Her one of a kind style, larger than life personality, and boundless talent continue to put her in the spotlight around the world. It’s amazing to think that she hails not from LA or NYC, but Arkansas. We say that just gives her even more  MAS Appeal!

I just wonder, have she and Gaga have ever met?

photo credit: AP,

of complaining on

Kim Kardashian’s Got MAS Appeal!

Kim Kardashian on W magazine, Kim Kardashian, Kim Kardashian naked

Kim Kardashian got uncovered for the latest cover of W magazine!

Although it’s not the first time Kim’s taken it all off in print(Playboy,Harper’s Bazaar), we hope it’s not the last either. What a knock out!

We love the “klassy”, flirtatious banners across Miss Kardashian’s more sensitive spots and the silver shimmer to her skin through the spread.

Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Kim definitely does both!

photocredit: W magazine,