If you are interested in larger sized or higher profile breast implants for that little extra something for bras, bikinis or lingerie, The Playmate Breast Augmentation™ might be for you.

The technique of placing larger sized implants is actually a very advanced one designed to prevent the most common problem of large breast implants looking outrageously fake because they sit far too high on the chest and may even take on an unattractive rectangular shape because of an inadequate implant pocket. Creating enough space for a large implant to sit appropriately takes special training and skill to achieve, and that is what the Playmate technique is all about.

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What Is The Playmate Breast Augmentation™?

The Playmate Breast Augmentation™ is a procedure that has been specially designed to place larger implant sizes without looking obviously fake. Not every woman who wants a larger size implant wants to attract a tremendous amount of attention, so the Playmate technique was created in an effort to give you the option of having a larger size while keeping the classic “girl next door” appearance. Placing larger size implants requires a special understanding of anatomy and a precise surgical technique in order to avoid an unnatural result. In addition to larger sizes, the Playmate technique also makes use of higher profile breast implants that offer more defined cleavage lines, and a perkier, sexier shape. High profile breast implants much be matched perfectly to the dimensions of the breast in order to look proportional, so only a plastic surgeon with experience in techniques like this should utilize these implants on a regular basis.

How is The Playmate Breast Augmentation™ different from a regular breast augmentation?

The Playmate Breast Augmentation™ differs from traditional breast augmentation in several ways:

  1. Larger Implant Sizes. Let’s face it… men are not the only ones who think large breasts are sexy… there are plenty of women who do as well. However, many of these women are scared to request larger size breast implants because they are afraid of looking like a stripper. The Playmate Breast Augmentation™ allows larger implant sizes with sexier shapes to be used while preserving a natural look and slope to the upper breast.
  2. More Defined Cleavage. Larger implant sizes always lead to more defined cleavage, but it’s important that the cleavage still look natural. The Playmate technique places the implant in a different position than a traditional breast augmentation, and avoids the obviously fake and overly defined cleavage line that results when large implants are used without this special technique.
  3. Sexier Implant Shapes. The Playmate technique not only allows larger size choices, but it also allows for sexier shape choices. High profile implants are rarely used because their ultra round shape commonly leads to ultra round breasts that most women don’t find aesthetically pleasing, but this is rarely an issue with the Playmate technique. A round breast shape can be visually appealing to many women if it is used correctly, and that’s what the Playmate technique is all about.

Am I a Candidate for The Playmate Breast Augmentation™?

Most women having breast augmentation surgery for the first time are candidates for the Playmate technique, but there are a some exceptions. Every women has a size limit that is safe for her frame, and if that limit is exceeded, several uncommon complications can occur. An experienced plastic surgeon will tell you what this limit is based on your measurements, and whether or not the Playmate technique will be necessary for your procedure. Occasionally it is necessary to exchange the first set of implants for a larger size after the skin has stretched, but this is only necessary in cases where very large sizes are requested, or when the breasts are extremely small to begin with. The only way to know for sure whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure is to schedule a consultation to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon.

What is the No-Touch Technique for breast augmentation?

The Keller Funnel is a specialized polymer sleeve used to insert implants of all types into the body without actually having to touch the implant or expose it to potential contaminants on the skin surface, the operative field, or from the air. The sleeve allows the implant to be transferred directly from it’s sterile container through the incision with minimal exposure to it’s surroundings, and also allows for a near-frictionless insertion that minimizes stress on the implant and the incision. The No-Touch Technique using the Keller Funnel for breast augmentation is quickly becoming the gold standard for sterility and safety, and we are proud to offer this technique to our exclusive breast augmentation clientele. Click here for more information and a video demonstration of the Keller Funnel in action.

How much does The Playmate Breast Augmentation™ cost?

The price range for a Playmate Breast Augmentation is approximately $9,500 depending on the complexity of your particular procedure, and a few other variables that you’ll discuss with your surgeon during a consultation.

Can I make payments on The Playmate Breast Augmentation™?

Yes, MAS has two excellent financing options available. Qualified applicants may be offered a period of 0% interest, and be able to take advantage of monthly payments as low as $200. The best part of these financing plans is that you’ll know whether or not you qualify before you leave the office after your consultation, so be sure to schedule yours today.

How can I get more information about The Playmate Breast Augmentation™?

For more information about The Playmate Breast Augmentation™, or for any of our other options for breast enhancement, please contact us online to schedule a consultation or call our office at917-703-7069.

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