New Inspira® Breast Implants get FDA Approval for Cosmetic Breast Augmentation

Allergan gets FDA approval for new Inspira breast implantsAllergan Medical is introducing a new line of highly-cohesive silicone gel gummy bear breast implants to the market in June of 2015.

The Inspira® implants have been designed to fill a void between the ultra soft feel of the Natrelle implant line and the firmer feel of the teardrop shaped Style 410 line. The fill ratio of the Inspira implants is higher than the standard Natrelle devices but not as form stable as the 410’s, thereby giving the Inspira’s the middle spot in terms of cohesively and firmness.

This is an important product for the market right now because many women find themselves torn between the ultra-natural shape of the teardrop 410 implants and the ultra soft feel of the round Natrelle implants. The Inspira line should fill this gap and give women a choice of gel firmness that is somewhere in between these other two implant lines, and make the decision process a bit easier.

How are the new Inspira implants different from other implants on the market?

  • Less wrinkling. The higher fill ratio of the Inspira implants means that the chances of being able to see or feel any wrinkles under the skin (especially in very thin women) will be reduced.
  • More natural feel. As discussed above, the ideal feel for a breast implant is an entirely subjective concept. Many women prefer the firmer feel of the teardrop 410 implants, while many others prefer the ultra soft feel of the standard Natrelle round implants. The Inspira’s will only add one more feel choice in between these other two product lines, which should make the procedure even more customizable than it already is in the hands of a surgeon that specializes exclusively in breast augmentation surgery like we do in our practice.
  • Good choice for breast implant revision surgery. One of the most common problems in revisional breast implant surgery is that the skin and breast tissue overlying the implants has thinned out significantly. This exposes the patient to a risk of visible implant wrinkling, especially if they have saline breast implants which are more prone to rippling and wrinkling than silicone implants. Since the Inspira implant will resist winkling better than the softer Natrelle implants, it may end up being an ideal choice for breast implant revision surgery.

How can I get more information about Inspira® implants?

Feel free to give us a call at 917-703-7069, or send us a message by clicking here.

Nicholas Vendemia, M.D.
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Photo Credit: Allergan Medical