My wife, since she was a teenager, was unable to wear (in her words) “clothes for girls” because she was almost completely flat chested. She had always wanted a nice curvy figure and after thinking about the procedure (breast augmentation to increase cup size/implantation), we decided that enhancing her chest would really boost her self-confidence. She works out at the gym, eats right, and has a slim body, but now we wanted to give her body the “oomph” which not only turns heads but gives her the opportunity to wear “clothes for girls” such as corsets and other tight form-fitting clothing that is feminine and sensual. We chose Dr. V. after a primary consultation and were very pleased with the end result. The one thing I liked about Dr. V’s approach was that he outlined, from the first to the last step, what was to be expected. The surgery went very well (surgery was performed in March of 2011), and now my wife turns heads everywhere she goes, both of men and women! Last time we were out all dressed up nicely was at the Galleria Mall in Houston TX and everyone was looking AND admiring We thank Dr. V. for giving us an outstanding result – both because of his expertise in the operating room, as well as choosing the best cup size and implant option (saline vs. silicone and why) for her.