He is truly the best! As a PA in the plastic surgery field I have worked with many aesthetic surgeons and have had botox and juvederm before but never with the same results that i had with Dr. V. From the moment you walk into the office you experience a sense of ease…it is truly a spa-like experience. Everyone from the office manager to his PA are welcoming and wonderful.
I still dont know how it is possible but my botox starting working the very next day after i saw Dr. V and it was absolutely the best result i have ever had with it. I also had a minor lip augmentation with juvederm and it was 100% pain free! He gave me a dental block that i barely felt and that actually worked. I have always been terrified to have my lips injected again because of how painful it was with other surgeons but that is not an issue at all with Dr. V. My lips look amazing and so natural!
I have truly never experienced a surgeon quite like Dr. V. He is kind, gentle, a great listener, and most importantly an absolute genius in the field of cosmetic surgery. His techniques are quite unique and put him far above any other NYC plastic surgeons. I feel sorry for any plastic surgery patient that doesn’t know about him and i certainly will never go to anyone else!