Dee B.

It’s been exactly two weeks since I hade a rhinoplasty done at MAS.
Where do I start?

I researched a lot before my rhinoplasty and I always knew how I wanted my nose to look like. The second Dr. Vandemia showed me what he thinks should be done without me saying it, I knew we were a good match. Why? Because I felt I didn’t want a surgeon who will give me a perfect “picture book” nose, but rather tailor a “perfect” nose for me. As Dr. Vendemia on my consultation said “a better version of your current nose”.

The process of booking an appointment was very easy as was the rest of the technical stuff.

Dr. Vendemia is very welcoming and warm, but not in a NYC over the top manner.
More in a natural and spontaneous way but still answering all the questions you have, getting to the point and exactly providing the answers needed, to reassure the patient is ready of all the stages- pre surgery, the surgery and the post op.
His team is wonderful too.
Warm, helpful but still very professional.

I also always thought that bruising is a must considering I’ve seen at least a 100 videos of real people after surgery and I’ve never seen anyone without a lot of bruises, sometimes up to the pointe where one or both eyes close up from bruising.
My bruising was the bare minimum and it disappeared in about 5 days.
I had no pain whatsoever which was also a huge surprise to me. I though painkillers will make the pain tolerable, not to completely remove it. Later I remembered how Dr. Vendemia explained to me how he believes that his gentle approach to the tissue is helping to achieve minimal bruising and pain.

I loved my nose the second I saw it with even the cast on. Now that the case is off it’s already perfect and I can only imagine how beautiful it will be in a few months and after the one year mark.

I hope this review will be helpful for some of you because I believe finding the right Dr. is the most important step in this whole process. It’s your body, and you gotta live with it. So, if anyone finds this useful I’ll be happy that I had helped.

To Dr. Vendemia and his whole team, THANK YOU so much for making me very happy. I love my results and the whole MAS experience.