I’ve looked into implants for a number of years since I’m tall and have a not petite frame but was a 36 (small) B and curvy hips. I’m 5’9 and around 160 lbs. I wanted bigger size but didn’t want it to look for obvious particularly in clothing for professional reasons. As a result, I ended up going with a teardrop (anatomical) silicone implant. I tried a range of sizes that were round and based on my selection the surgeon picked an implant that correlates with something between 397 and 420 cc round implants. For the consultation, he took about an hour with me to discuss the different options and all the possible risks of the surgery. I also came back another time to try the implants again to make sure. I would note my cost was slightly higher since I had surgery on a different day than he normally does surgery and ended up spending a little longer than an hour in the OR which adds to the facility few.

Currently, three days out now so still fairly swollen but based on how it looks now I’m hopeful it’ll settle into a good place as the skin stretches. So far I would say it has definitely hurt for me though not in a way that’s overwhelming but I’m only on Celebrex (an anti inflammatory) and extra strength Tylenol. I’ll hopefully follow this up with more info as I progress.