Kathleen S.

Look no further for your plastic surgeon. I unequivocally endorse and recommend his services. Dr. Vendemia is a meticulous and highly trained plastic surgeon. I spent a significant amount of time researching plastic surgeons and chose him due to his impeccable record and positive reviews. His price might be high but please don’t look for discounts when it comes to plastic surgery. You want the very best when it comes to 1) your life and 2) the quality of your result. Dr. Vendemia took my breasts, which were saggy and deflated due to pregnancy and nursing, and transformed them into gorgeous natural-looking breasts. He didn’t even have to perform a lift because I opted for tear drop gummy bear implants. I’m absolutely thrilled with the result and I feel I got more than my money’s worth.

Dr. Vendemia is an artist and technical perfectionist. I believe these two skills lead to results which are not only beautiful but are also executed with grace and precision. I don’t think there is a surgeon out there that could have taken what I had before and given me what I have now.

I was also extremely impressed with Dr. Vendemia’s bed-side manner. He is a kind and gentle soul. I still remember that warm hand resting on mine while I was laid out on the operating table about to go under. I was terrified and he comforted me and made me feel safe. I would send my own mother and grandmother to Dr. Vendemia if they chose to undergo plastic surgery. I think it is rare to find a surgeon who combines everything you want in a surgeon: someone who will reconstruct/enhance what you have while “operating” at the highest level of competency and safety.

I’m getting choked up typing this because he made me feel beautiful again, treated me like I was million-dollar client, and sent me back to my family safe and healthy.

I must also say that Dr. Vendemia’s assistant Karin was also very sweet, professional, and readily available for any pre-surgery or post-surgery issues. Dr. Vendemia chose well when he hired her as she is the first line of contact with his office. I’ve been extremely pleased with Karin’s communication skills and attention to detail.

I’m happy to talk to anyone about my experience.