KL for ML

My son’s deviated septum has bothered him for years and although I promised I would have it corrected I had not met a surgeon I trusted. However, once I met Dr. V I knew I was putting my son in the best possible hands. Dr. V made my son feel confident that this was this was the Dr.for him (thanks for allaying my anxiety too). Dr. V and his PA Shea corrected what was cosmetically a significant issue for my son but as an extra bonus he can breath through his nose! The best part was there was no bruising and NO PAIN!!! I am still in shock and awe. As for aftercare…there really are no words to describe the wonderful level of care given to both the patient and his over protective parents (I know keeping me at bay is no small task(LOL) so hats off to Shea and Karin for holding my hand through it all). I will be forever grateful to Dr. V and his wonderful staff for all their wonderful work. Dr. V is an artist and healer of the highest caliber!