I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Vendemia! At first I wasn’t even aware that there was a way to fix inverted nipples. After doing some research I found Dr. Vendemia’s name and made an appointment. I was really nervous to do it, so I went to talk to him two times before I even committed to doing the procedure. He was really helpful and explained the whole thing and never pressured me to do it. The day of the procedure he and his PA were really nice and they helped to calm me down. I couldn’t believe and how quick, smooth, and basically pain-free it was. Karin was on call the next couple of days for any questions I had, and I went to see Dr. V for several follow ups to make sure I was healing properly. Both he and Karin made me feel relaxed and comfortable through everything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is looking for this procedure or any other type of cosmetic surgery! I am very pleased with my results and would definitely go to see him again in the future if I needed anything.