P Cat

October 27, 2017
P Cat
Dr. Vendemia has got to be THE BEST plastic surgeon you can find. I had more of a complex situation where I had severe scarring... Read More

Violet G.

October 26, 2017
Violet G.
Ive been getting Botox injected for the last 10 years, by several different providers with different specialities, but never have I had such an amazing... Read More

Meg Maggin

October 19, 2017
Review from Meg Maggin
Im a professional who deals with Body dysmorphia and Eating Disorders . Many of my patients seek to change their bodies and may see things... Read More


September 6, 2017
If I had the authority, I would crown Dr. Vendemia Boob Job King. I knew without doubt that Dr. V would be my surgeon after... Read More


August 4, 2017
Review from Milly
Professional and amazing

Kjs "MissK" S.

July 25, 2017
Kjs “MissK” S.
I went to Dr V for lipo about 6 months after I had my first child and could not get rid of stubborn love handles... Read More