Review from Danielle S.

I learned of Dr. Vendemia from a very trusted and close friend who also happened to be one of his operating room nurses.  You can’t ask for a better recommendation than that!  (I would also have the comfort of her presence during surgery.)

I had been toying with the idea of replacing my saline implants that were over 13 years old.  I had my initial surgery under the muscle when I was only 18 years old and breast augmentation was not as popular as it today.  The recovery after my first surgery was a long and very painful process (I was in bed for almost 2 weeks).  I was certainly not looking forward to feeling that way again.  My friend assured me that Dr. V (as many call him) had impeccable skill in the operating room and his technique and recovery plan would have me up and about almost immediately.  After my previous experience, the proof would be in the pudding…and so began the journey.

At my consultation, I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. V.  He was patient and answered the many questions I had.  I was unsure about size and shape when we met, but he took the time to guide me to my perfect vision through our dialogue and pictures.  Dr. V also gives honest advice when your expectations might not realistic and/or flattering for your body.  He did not rush me and I knew he genuinely cared and was passionate about his work and patients.  Within a few days, I called the office and scheduled my surgery.  I would like to jump in here and say that Karin, his office manager, was also wonderful to work with.  She was incredibly responsive to all inquires both before and after surgery.  My pre-op appointment went very similar to my consultation…Dr. V was patient and did not rush me.  From what I hear, it is hard to find that type of bedside manner in this field.  He gets an A+!

Post surgery – I am a believer!  Recovery was night and day compared to my first surgery.  I did not even need pain killers…simple extra strength Tylenol was enough.  The level of swelling was lower and easily treated with ice packs.  There was no time where I felt bed-ridden.  In fact, it was hard to relax and sit still since I felt so good.  I was back to work in a week’s time (and I am certain I could have gone back sooner had I chosen to).  The hardest part of recovery was remembering that I even had surgery!

The results, you ask?  Well, this story sums it all up…
I was in the Caribbean not even 10 weeks after surgery.  While I was away, a young woman (engaged to a professional NHL player no less) stopped me to say that she saw me at the pool days earlier and turned to her mother-in-law and told her that I had the most gorgeous breasts she had ever seen in her life!  The 2 women were actually arguing on whether they were real or not because they just looked so amazing!  I couldn’t stop smiling at their compliments and Dr. V is to thank!