Review from Brittany

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. V for my breast augmentation. I was an A cup and extremely active and can be found always doing 100 things at a mile a minute so I was so hesitant to go through with the surgery and be forced to ‘relax’ during recovery. I went for my consultation and fell in love with Dr.V and his assistant Karin. They made me feel extremely comfortable and answered all 500 (it seemed) questions that were running through my head. I didn’t want to look like a pornstar I just wanted to be more comfortable in my bikinis/clothes instead of wearing padded suits/bras from Victoria Secret!

The procedure itself was so fast I couldn’t believe it! I felt almost fine within three/four days and was up and about walking around the city getting fresh air, meeting friends for dinner, going to the movies etc. No one could believe the recovery I had, so Dr.V’s rapid recovery concoction is definitely TRUE.

I’m very happy with my results; Dr.V was very honest with the sizes I was contemplating between. I wanted to go conservative for work but not too small that it wasn’t much of a change, but not too large that they were obnoxious.

Karin is also the best, she would reach out to see how I was feeling afterwards and always a text or email away from ANY question I had. They’re a great boutique practice and couldn’t have had a better experience anywhere else!