Review from M

Ladies first off Congrats! I have done all the research and work for you! I have ALWAYS wanted a breast aug but I waited to finish having kids. And after exclusively breastfeeding to say they were in bad shape was an understatement! I am a health care professional myself so I am aware of all the risks and anything that can go wrong. Couple that with my personality which tends to be doubtful and skeptical and it becomes nearly impossible to make a decision.
I was worried about the procedure, risks and the outcome. Cost was a consideration but I can’t say it was at the top of my list. Dr. V was my second out of 5 visits after much research to narrow it down to the tri state area. The appeal with Dr. V initially was the minimally invasive approach. As a healthcare professional I can tell you that is key to quicker healing.
My immediate impression was a doctor that was thoughtful, not in a rush of pushy. He was confident in his recommendation based on my desired result and what we had to work with. ( not much….). He was well researched and really pulled from the most recent studies and materials to justify his approached and I really respected that.
I went to three other appts after. And no one even compared in terms of bedside manner and confidence in their recommendations. I, for one, am not a plastic surgeon and I should not be given the pressure of choosing between approaches….
And so 9 months later I texted karin his ultra efficient office Mgr and she booked me for a surgical appt effortlessly
Now let’s talk about cost. You get what you pay for. I think you really do get your money’s worth here. First any visits after the initial consult before or after the surgery are included. And Dr. V does not fool around! He wants to make sure everything is pristine. A perfectionist no doubt. I found that other surgeons were about 2000 cheaper but outside of one to two follow ups you are digging in your pocket. It’s not cheap.
The surgical center was great. My outcome is great! Just what I wanted. I wanted the largest size that could fit my frame without looking too heavy. Other surgeons were talking about lifts but Dr. V felt that by giving me volume he could override the need for a lift. ( now that’s in my case) I’m one month post op and I love love love them. I should have done this years ago. I think pregnancy and breast feeding are a trauma to a woman’s body and Dr. V you were my trauma surgeon.
He takes his time during pre op and post op visits. He has answered all my questions and concerns and I have NEVER felt rushed. Karin is super responsive for any concerns. What a dynamic duo! I will truly miss them when my follow ups are done. Please believe me when I tell you if you are looking for a plastic surgeon look no further!