Review from Mademoiselle

I had  a terrible breast augmentation in Miami , FL.
Not only my implants weren’t put properly(up to my collarbone) but i also had huge scars and my nipples were uneven . What i needed was not only a breast reconstruction  but also a miracle. I made sure to do  a lot of research. After taking a couple appointments with different surgeons, I decided that Dr V was the most suitable for me. Not only he is very professional and had a lot of experience in reconstruction but he also took the time to see  me and answer all my questions, while being totally honest. I came to see him a couple time and he made time for me (although i am sure he was really busy) to talk about size and what i was looking for as far as results.

My results are amazing and I had a quick recovery  !! I look so different in a very good way and everything is as he said it would be. My breast are looking nicely round  and natural, he fixed my nipples and theres barely any scars. They keep looking better and better with time ! I can tell that he really cares about the well being of his patients. Since then i got Botox and Voluma  with him and it looks really good. i felt in good hands from the start to finish and I will definitely see him again If I ever consider getting anything else, oh and his assistant Karin is very sweet and helpful.