Review from Robert

My wife has a 43 year history of severe migraine headaches for which she has received multiple treatment modalities, including beta blockers, centrally acting vasoactive agents, and Botox. She began Botox in Beverly Hills in 2003 while the drug was still experimental and not yet FDA approved as a migraine treatment. The results were dramatic with a marked decrease in both the frequency and the severity of the headaches and a corresponding decrease in analgesic use, thus avoiding their unpleasant side effects.

When we moved to Virginia, we were unable to find a
physician able to properly treat her in any of the nearby medical metropolises (Baltimore; Washington, DC). After a long search and multiple consultation-type phone calls to physician offices, Dr. Vendemia seemed to be the most knowledgable and experienced in this area. My wife has been his patient for almost three years and has experienced consistently excellent results. She sees him every three months and on every visit he inquires if the pattern of the headaches has changed since the last visit and, if necessary, adjusts the dosage and the administration sites of the Botox accordingly. We are extremely lucky to have found a physician such as Dr. Vendemia who has been able to provide such relief from this disease. He is not only knowledgable but also caring and kind and thus an excellent physician.