Rita Minissi

Dr. Vendemia is not only a brilliant surgeon, but also a compassionate human being who genuinely cares about the wellbeing and aesthetic goals of each of his patients. His services are individually tailored, not one-size-fits all, which is why I confidently recommend him as a trusted medical resource to both friends and colleagues. As someone who works in the creative field, I am visually sensitive to an obsessive degree, so trusting someone to alter any part of my physical appearance is a huge deal. Dr. V is incredibly understanding of this and has never disappointed me.

In terms of revision procedures, his work is simply amazing (though I do appreciate his realism about possible outcomes). After a five year saga of multiple failed surgeries (one while awake) to correct a bad break and allow me to breath, I was about ready to give up on my hopes for nose-normalcy and am so grateful that I didn’t. Dr. V sculpted my current “final nose” from my ribs and it honestly looks like I was born with it—people are shocked when I explain the backstory. I really wanted a natural result and more specifically “to not think about my nose again,” which is exactly what I received.

It’s hard to explain the emotional value of finding a medical professional who you can truly trust entirely – who will honor that trust and treat you with care – it feels invaluable. Dr. Vendemia is just that.