Having acquired Botox for the past ten years and every visit resulting in mild to severe bruising, this was an extremley surprising and very pleasant experience with Dr. V and his exceptionally attractive and amiable staff (hello Karin and Shea!). Being fair and thin skinned, coupled with not wanting everyone to know why I look so fresh, it was very challenging to attend any public event for minally one week post treatment. Not so with Dr. V. His meticulous care, patience, and eye for any possible unwanted results were absolutely extraordinary. I am recommending him to all my friends (those “in the know”) and to others who are thinking about having any procedures done. Dr. V. is one of the most kindest, thoughtful, realistic, and generous persons I have had the great pleasure of meeting and now becoming one of his most ardent patients!

I am grateful for stumbling upon Dr. V. and his incredible staff. Thank you, Dr. V., Karin, and Shea. See you soon!!