Dr. Vendemia, Karin and the support staff at the Aesthetic Surgery Center were nothing short of spectacular and extreme professionalism. I have had several breast augmentation surgeries, revisions, a mastopexy and each time the end result was a capsular contracture. I had resigned myself to my fate and it was only a whim that I began researching surgeons to possibly reconsider my decision. I’m not sure how I got to Dr. V’s site, but I had no regrets and immediately made up my mind to undergo another revision after meeting with him. There was absolutely no pressure and although I came to the consultation with a notebook of questions – he answered every one truthfully and with patience. He suggested (not pushed) a relatively new procedure, using Alloderm, known to assist in reducing the occurrence of CC. He made no guarantees that it was foolproof, however he was extremely honest that without it – CC would be a given considering my history. Additionally, my original implants were too small and while I was hesitant to go larger and not sure what would be the right number of cc’s, he displayed several options and went through each and every one. I picked a conservative size (again, hesitant to venture out of my comfort zone) – he accepted my choice with a suggestion that the next size would not push me over the edge. He asked that I not make a decision then and to think it over (didn’t give me a deadline). I came back pre-surgery, decided on the larger size and am thrilled with the results.
Each post-op visit has been pleasant and a learning experience as he continues to ask if there are any concerns (you are encouraged to ask anytime). I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for, and yes- the pricepoint may be higher than some, but I got my money’s worth!
If you’re looking for a professional, clinically honest and open surgeon – he is the one.
Note for anyone on the fence – do your research, but be realistic in your expectations. I wanted an BA without the fear of another CC. Dr. Vendemia gave me hope and went the extra mile, but he and I both knew that complications can arise even with the best intentions.