Protect Yourself with the 3 P’s of Sun Protection: SPF, IPL, and Chemical Peels!

sunscreen, skin cancer, spf, chemical peel for sun damageSummer is almost over, and it’s time to exchange the tanning oil for a sunless tanner!

It’s also time to get rid of all that sun damage that your skin accumulated over the past several months… and not just to look better. Sun spots of any color (brown, red, black or blue) can be, or can become, dangerous if they turn into something more than just a little extra pigment. Don’t forget, the sun is a giant ball of radiation that not only burns the skin’s surface, but also damages it’s DNA, which is how skin cancers begin.

Keep Reading to learn more about the 3 P’s of Sun Protection so that your skin looks fabulous, and so that you keep the number of damaged cells to a bare minimum…