Is Lady Gaga Gonna Be a Playmate?

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According to Glamour Mag, Lady Gaga is going to pose for Playboy!

On one hand, it seems kinda weird because she’s a self-proclaimed celibate, but on the other hand, there’s not a whole lot we haven’t seen already 🙂

Ga Ga, Oooo La La!

lady gaga, playboy playmate, celebrities, entertainment, beauty

Hot “Gossip”! Beth Ditto Has MAS Appeal!

Beth Ditto, Jean Paul Gaultier, Paris Fashion Week coverage, Beth Ditto for Jean Paul Gaultier

Vive la France!

Only in Paris and only on the renegade runway of Jean Paul Gaultier would the bodacious Beth Ditto be walking in Fashion Week!

Ms. Ditto gives a whole new meaning to SUPER-model. She is about four times the size of the average fashion plate, and about four times the woman as well. I’ve been following the un-ignorable lead singer of The Gossip for years because you just cannot take your eyes off of her!

Beth lives full-frontal. Her one of a kind style, larger than life personality, and boundless talent continue to put her in the spotlight around the world. It’s amazing to think that she hails not from LA or NYC, but Arkansas. We say that just gives her even more  MAS Appeal!

I just wonder, have she and Gaga have ever met?

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