Faster Recovery and Smaller Scar with the No Touch Breast Augmentation

Keller Funnel No Touch Breast Augmentation by rapid recovery breast augmentation specialist Dr Nicholas Vendemia of MASWe take breast augmentation surgery very seriously here at MAS, and the Keller Funnel is a serious device for women interested in the safest, quickest, and least traumatic insertion technique for breast implants.

The No Touch Breast Augmentation is redefining the standard for safety and sterility with breast implant surgery of all types (breast augmentation, breast implant exchange, breast implant revision, and breast reconstruction), and in our practice we consider it to be the gold standard for all of our breast augmentation procedures. When the funnel is used properly, the implants are transferred directly from the manufacturer’s sterile container into the sterile funnel and into the breast pocket without being touched by human hands or any other possible contaminants, hence the “No Touch” designation. The funnels advanced hydrophilic coating protects the implant shell during the transfer, and allows the implant to pass through a smaller incision (which translates into a smaller scar) in a way that is far less traumatic than finger insertion (which leads to a shorter recovery time).

Keep reading for more information and a video demonstration of the Keller Funnel in action and see how it compares to traditional finger insertion techniques.


How Breast Implants Drop and Settle

How breast implants settle over time after breast augmentation surgeryDropping, settling, and “fluffing”, are the most common terms used to describe the single most important phenomenon in breast augmentation surgery.

As the skin beneath the nipple stretches, it allows the breast to take on a rounder, more attractive shape, and also allows the implant to drop or settle into a more natural position. This improves the slope in the upper pole of the breast, and is the final step towards having your true “final result”. For most women, this settling process is 70-80% complete around 3-4 months after surgery, and 100% complete at 9-12 months.

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